Lil Baby heats up With Gunna (Heatin Up Video)

"Heatin Up" by Lil Baby

AH Video Review Rated:

Heatin up is getting 3 cash stacks. It’s your average video, featuring some above average vehicles. I do like the shots of the cars, as they ride through neighborhoods. Lots of cash flashin throughout the video, while Lil Baby delivers his verses. It’s not a weak video, not the greatest either. It does what it needed to do. Brought two rappers out who people really wanted to see at an interesting time for both.

Good to see these two teaming up, when they did; as their careers were Heatin Up…

Things have been in a much different place for Gunna since everything related to Young Thug’s legal case. Much of which  could be unfair, as the people talking down on him don’t actually know why he was released. Time will tell if he can heat up again. Lil Baby however, seemingly is bringing in all the dollars he rapped about. Often seen hanging out with James Harden in the off season, partying in Paris and various places.

All while being in high demand to guest feature on albums, his star has continued rising.




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