Nipsey Hussle Shot; Murdered Outside Marathon Clothing Store

nipsey hussle

This is a sad day in Los Angeles, and the world. Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed today. Apparently, what we know so far is he was shot outside of his store, that he owned right in the city of Los Angeles. Also dead are others who were with him. The Marathon Clothing store was (and is) an inspiration to black men and women everywhere. A story of a kid born in the streets, raised in the hoods of Los Angeles, who turned his life around.  He was talking about business ownership, giving back to the community, buying land, and also cryptocurrency.

Nipsey Hussle announced that he was working on a documentary about Dr. Sebi.

Unfortunately, many people started to worry then, that something like this may happen.

At this time, we do not know who is responsible for this murder. It could very well have been a government hit, or just a coward ass hater. As a black man, inspiring black men  and women to make real positive moves, it’s always CoIntelPro territory. They do not want a Black Jesus to rise.  Many people are saying that his decision to highlight the advancements of Dr. Sebi put a target on his head.  Please, do not attack anyone who thinks this may be the case, until we have more information. At this time people are just throwing out theories, while grieving over a terrible loss.

Left Eye (From TLC) was also about to give Dr. Sebi some serious pub, before she mysteriously died in a car accident. Was this a hit from someone who just hated his success? Or is there more to this story?

Either way, Today is a sad day. Rest in Peace Nipsey Hussle. You were a real one, and you will live on forever through the media content we have left from you.

(From Hip Hop Uncensored, talking about the announcement today. The Sad news of Nipsey Hussle being murdered today, outside of the Marathon Clothing Store.)

Seemingly ‘just before’ he was shot today, Nipsey Hussle tweeted “having strong enemies is a blessing.” Unfortunately, this may also have been a curse too. We’ll update this post as we learn more information about what happened today.

One hour later, Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed, outside of his Marathon Store.  (watch Tariq Nasheed discuss this tragedy on YouTube)

At this time we do not know what happened and yes, that story is too familiar. We still ‘don’t know’ who shot 2pac or Biggie. Too many people have said this looked like a professional hit. That Nipsey was involved in gang life, has too many people saying ‘yep, that’s what happens’. But let us all be slow to reach conclusions. Yes, this very well could have been street shit. The hate in the hood is very real, and is also created and manufactured. All of these are reasons why these matters must be taken more seriously, than society takes them.

Such a Sad day. Rest in Paradise Nipsey Hussle. Live on forever!

RIDE for Nipsey Hussle y’all!

just yesterday ….

Read up on the Vector90 STEM program as well –

Bump this Checc Me Out today by Nipsey Hussle, with Dom Kennedy and Cobby Supreme.

…. rest in Power and thank you for what you did while you were here. May your memory live on forever, and may your example inspire others to pick up the torch, and push forward. Don’t let this make you afraid to try. Do not allow this story to make you not shoot for the stars. Aim high and do all you are capable of. Let’s band together and let this motivate us even more than before. May he live forever through all of us. The Hip Hop community owes it to this brotha to make music that inspires all who listen. Also, give interviews and live your life in a way that pulls us all UP!

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