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launch for the culture

Hello to all who stop by while we have been excitingly preparing to Launch!

We have a lot planned. We’re going to get started by sharing news, and some of our special reviews on the hip hop scene. We want to pay homage to the past. So you can look forward to reviews on old school albums, while we discuss where hip hop is today.

This site is run by people who love hip hop.

We understand it’s power to communicate with our people, and also to others who care to understand what the hip hop community is going through. Make no mistake about it, while other cultures do gravitate towards this form of expression, hip hop belongs to the African American community. Others may latch onto it and share their versions, and their interpretations, but this music was invented by the descendants of slaves.

Our ancestors used songs to communicate with one another, in a land of captivity. The roots of this music form may include ‘feel good’ party songs, but at it’s core are messengers. These Master Communicators have been sharing insight on where we are, and what we could be.  Reporting, through song, on the conditions of our brothers and sisters whether good or bad. This is a rich tradition if our people, and it has been carried forth in many forms. Hip Hop is just one of several genres, where our people have used music to express meaningful messages to our people.

That means something to us, here at – while others often seek to appropriate our culture, they have also exploited hip hop. There are far too many rappers who are being praised by the general public, simply because of the money that is pumped into promoting them.  Many of them may appear to be making money, and it may seem that they are successful at this.

However, are they really hip hop? Do they have the culture in mind at all? (we know the answer to these questions but do you?)

launch for the culture

There have been so many debates about whether or not hip hop is dead. Terms like ‘Bubble Gum rapper‘ has been used to describe where the hip hop scene, seems to be today. It’s dominated by lyricists who seemingly aren’t all that lyrical. Maybe us ‘old heads’ just don’t understand what’s going on anymore?  Where are the Real MC’s?

Is anyone still reporting on what’s really going on anymore?

What Message is being communicated to us, as a people right now?

As we launch, we’ll be exploring all of these subjects together.

We will want to hear from you. You’ll be able to leave comments, and even rate our reviews.

Meanwhile, we’re going to make sure that those who are not getting their ‘due’ will get theirs here. Whether they’re old school Mc’s who are still putting it down, or up and coming heat, to ‘under the radar’ microphone controllers. Down the road, after we officially launch, we will bring you exclusive courses from Hip Hop artists, producers, singers, song writers and musicians.

Some of what you might see on this site ‘before this post’ are just some of what we were doing while getting ready to launch, and some of that content ‘may change’ at any time.

From the editors desk here, We are looking forward to sharing much more with you soon – (like this track below)

Learn more about our Ratings and Reviews for – and be sure to hit the comment section. We want to hear from you!

Stay tuned as we launch!


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