Free Young Thug and Gunna?

Free young Thug and Gunna?

Many of us are well aware, that a few months ago this year (2022), Young Thug and Gunna were caught up in a RICO case.  Since, there have been a lot of debates online, about whether or not this was even fair to do. Should these two rappers be in jail, facing these accusations? Is the law picking and choosing when to enforce laws, as usual?  Much of the case, uses song lyrics to tie these two young rappers from the South, to crimes.  It’s very similar to what happened to Bobby Shmurda.

The following is from Rap Central, about Young Thug and Gunna – in jail

More Tales from the Hood, as young black men’s lives are thrown away over criminal activity.

While it is entirely possible, that crimes committed by others in their crew, may have nothing to do with the two Atlanta rappers.  It’s also possible they’re directly involved, as they chase ‘street creditability’.  You cannot be a studio gangster these days, unless you’re Rick Ross, of course.

Their Lawyer says, this is fucking racist. Accurately, he points out that no one has been indicted over Quentin Tarantino films.  I’m reminded of a trial, years ago, where 2pac lyrics were blamed for a crime.  The man on trial, claimed that the songs by Tupac, made him do it!  However, Tupac was not put on trial over that incident.

What do you think about all of this? Should we be talking about “Free Young Thug and Gunna”, or do these men belong in prison?  Sound off in the comments below now!


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