Scarface & Band on NPR’s Tiny Desk

"Scarface on Tiny Desk NPR" by Scarface

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Scarface dropped by along with his band to record a Tiny Desk session.  It was promoted as the best NPR Tiny Desk of 2023, but was it? As much as I fully enjoyed it, and we’re even going to give it 5 flaming hot fires for the entire session, I still think Juvenile’s appearance was better.

That said, Scarface is lyrically one of the all time greatest to ever do this.

Storytelling especially, always been strong with Face. Ever since I first heard Mind Playin Tricks on me, I’ve been a fan. During the Pandemic of 2020, many of us were scared, as Brad was battling serious health challenges. Then, a bit earlier this year, hip hop while being ‘celebrated’ for 50 years, had Scarface pop up in a tribute.

Quickly, as I suspected it would, it created tension between him and Geto Boys bandmate Willie D. The two of them had been combining to do a weekly ‘podcast’ when this happened. Willie D, had been ‘talking to the camera’ for a few years before bringing Facemob onto his platform. Together they had some good talks each week.

However, after Willie was ‘not invited’ or ‘called’ for the performance, the two of them spoke about it, and have not recorded any more shows together since. It is my hope that the two of them can patch up the differences, and someday we get to see them both on stage performing their hits together.

Cause I’m sure, Willie didn’t like that ‘their song’ also made it into this otherwise pretty flawless live performance. What did you think of the Scarface NPR mini concert?

Like many people I talked to after, I did not know Scarface played the guitar. Now I’m wondering if that was him all along, playing some of those classic baselines, on some of the biggest hits hip hop has ever heard. Many of which, he and his band brought with them, like Smile and On My Block.

Everybody cooked, especially those background vocals.

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