Our Ratings

Power Fists

Cash Stacks

Fires Lit

Trash Cans


TP Rolls

Power Fists - For real MC's aiming to move crowds and inspire imaginations to uplift the Culture - 1-5 Power Fists.

Cash Stacks - for our hustlers who are getting that paper legally or not. All Hustlers Ain't Equal. 1 to 5 Cash Stacks.

Fires Lit - For MC's strictly entertaining crowds with beats and hooks; 1-5 Fires Lit depending on how fire it is!

It's Trash - We let you know just HOW Trash it is, with a 1 to 5 Trash Cans Rating System.

Sucka Shit - 1-5 Suckas for sell outs, and commercialized acts aka that Sucka Shit that doesn't uplift the culture -

TP Rolls Needed for this Shit! Worse than Trash; Not quite Sucka Level. We you know if you'll need  1-5 Rolls!