We are the Authority on Hip Hop :: Rating System – We Are The Authority, featuring actual Hip Hop artists and musicians. We will be rating everything on this website, including Artists, Albums, Tracks (Singles), and Videos too. The scope of music is vast, and hip hop is no different. In it’s purest form, expression never is limited to just one thing. You won’t just find one opinion here either. You’ll find several reviews on the same artists, albums, tracks and videos from the different perspectives our experts bring. Many of them work and have worked in the music industry, while others are fully connected to the underground scenes which barely get any spotlight. To understand our Ratings System – Follow the key below!

Power Fists

Empowering Informing Hip Hop Pure form: - rating

For empowering hip hop true to the foundation, informing, lyrical, REAL hip hop – Not “get money” or “get lit” but this is about Get Power – 1-5 fists – 

Cash Stacks

Cash Stack, rating system

Flashy Rap, hustler, gangster, street hip hop that also informs but isn’t aimed at empowering or uplifting – this is “Get Money” rap music; not “Get Lit” – 1-5 stacks

Lit Fires

Fires Lit rating for

Ratings for party/get lit rap music/mc’s strictly entertaining crowds with beats and hooks that might be catchy, creative, but not Get Money, or Get Power ; 1-5 Fires¬†

Pop Shit

Pop Shit rating for rap music

Rap Music that is absolutely not hip hop but is pop (as in popular music) crossover appeal, widely embraced

Trash Shit

trash rating from

For rap music that is trash , no value, boring, not entertaining, not informative, not empowering

Toilet Shit

Toilet Paper rating from

Worse than trash, it’s worthy of being wiped with toilet paper and flushed forever –¬†