2 Live Hit-Boy, Offset, Crew

Artist: Hit-Boy
Track Name: 2 Live featuring Offset
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Shout out to Uncle Luke, for his musical contributions to hip hop. 2 Live Crew albums were historic in many ways, ground breaking, as they truly started many debates over censorship.  Were the people who were against all of the very mature and adult themes right?  Several generations later, what 2 live crew brought to hip hop, continues to resonate throughout the genre. Partying and having a good time, has always had a place in hip hop, since the Sugar Hill Gang dropped Rapper’s Delight.

Hit-Boy brings Offset to the Party – 2 Live – 3 Cash Stacks

None of the lyrics are blowing us away, but both Hit-Boy and Offset do a great job of painting visuals. We know exactly what they mean, when they say she get freaky like a Uncle Luke album. Growing up in the 90’s, during High School Dances, and for several years later in the Clubs here in Los Angeles, Uncle Luke always got it poppin. That’s generally when the spot was at capacity, a lot of the ‘warm up the crowd’ music had been played. When you hear that “I wanna rock” come on, the spot always go crazy.

This single is more about how crazy ‘she’ go though …

We not judging – there is a time and place for everything. Even a time, to let go, be in that moment … and … pop pop pop that coochie pop pop hat coochie!!

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Hit-boy visited the headquarters of Patron Tequilla, and collaborated with Offset on this track: here is more of how this single came together.

Definitely a money play, as this is mostly a promotion for the company.  I do hope they paid him well, to promote their brand.  As a hip hop fanbase, we need to always be mindful of this. It may go undisclosed, but sometimes, some ideas are promoted by companies that will benefit from them.  Just cause a song says to do it, does not mean you have to do what the song says.

It’s ok to party from time to time, but we here at AuthorityHop encourage you, to do all things, in moderation.  Nothing wrong with a lil fun … Leaving out with a lil more Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew. Again, they really took party music in hip hop to a new level.


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