Five Fists for Free My Mind

"Free My Mind" by Buddy

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Five Fists for “Free my Mind” by Buddy, who may be one of the most slept on artists in hip hop. Especially when you talk about artists from the Los Angeles area. I don’t hear enough people mention his name. His youTube has under 200k Subscribers which is crazy. Should be near 1 Million at least. Videos like these, should be close to that many likes as well – a true artist that is not getting his due.

The video he put together for “Free My Mind” is pretty incredible. This is what we like to see in a video, that matches up with the ‘themes’ of the song. Videos like these are well thought out, and not just thrown together. When Buddy is rapping about his pops house almost dying in a house fire, he got his pops In the video, as they are outside the historic Western Forum in the City of Inglewood.

That’s what gets five fists every time, especially when lyrically everything is on point too – and that’s the case here – in Free My mind.

Starting off coming out of a Sauna, then stepping outside to meditate, this ‘video’ is a visualization of what’s going on in his mind.

“Free My mind” Opens with Buddy Running on the sand which for anyone who’s done that knows, is not easy to do. Sand slows you down a bit, makes each step a challenge. Great usage of that visual metaphor. Like a lot of his videos, Buddy uses Los Angeles landscapes very well. Also love the inclusion of his family in many of these, as he’s literally meditating on his life. I think most of us would also see family, our relationships, and the goals we’re looking to accomplish. We see fireworks which tend to pop off during celebrations and as the video ends Buddy is looking at a sermon. A sermon on being thankful for all that he has been through and overcome.

As he awakes from his meditation. Free my Mind is a video that matches the song real well…

Don’t forget to breathe ….

We’d love to see more of this in Hip hop in 2024.  Released a couple months back, this is easily one of the best hip hop videos of 2023.  Buddy rarely lets us down, and represents hip hop to the fullest. Multi talented, able to sing his own hooks, stay tuned for what ever he’s dropping next.


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