AuthorityHop.com is here to highlight the real hip hop artists in the world today, as well as real musicians. ¬†Featuring real hip hop artists and musicians sharing insights that you’ll only find here. We are the authority, and look forward to bringing exclusive content on our beloved industry to you. Many people say that hip hop is dead. Perhaps they’ve just been listening to the wrong sources. The reality of hip hop is like so many things, it’s been capitalized on by big business.

So often what is promoted as hip hop, isn’t.

Real hip hop continues to live on and we are going to make sure you know where it’s at, and what it’s saying to us.

This is our music, our culture, and our way of communicating with one another. It’s not really for others to tell us what’s hot and what’s not.

Many figures within our (hip hop) community for years have spoken out about how our music has been infiltrated and often the culture is used to do more harm to the community than good. Meanwhile, good music and good information through hip hop music still lives on, in spite of efforts to kill it.

As Hip Hop As A Mic Check

You see, this has always been a way to express ourselves and we want to ensure this way of life continues to have avenues to exist, and that it’s authentic audience can connect.¬† We thank you for visiting AuthorityHop.com, and hope that you will slide into our comment sections on all of our discussion pieces.

Current Discussion Pieces We’d Like your feedback on Include (Watch this Section)

You’ll find reviews on albums, videos and singles for well known and underground, under the radar, or up and coming artists. We’re going to invite you to let us know who’s music you want to read more about on our pages.

As of March 2017, we are in a beta launch – only a small group of very important hip hop heads even know about our site right now! We are putting together our archive of informative conversations, and we invite you to watch us grow! Follow us on Twitter @AuthorityHop and some of your tweets just may make it onto our pages. Let s know how we’re doing so far.

Once again, we hope you’ll grow with our Community!

Stay tuned to AuthorityHop.com … *update 3/13/17 – more information will be released soon



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