Lucky Daye Teams Up With Buddy on F*ck Faces

Artist: Buddy
Track Name: Faces (ft. Lucky Daye)
AH Track Rating:

The production on Faces alone, by D’Mile, merits 4 lit flames. Buddy, as usual, delivers by riding the beat to perfection, while speaking on grown folk business. Lucky Daye makes an appearance, and it’s brief, but Very decent. Like I said, 4 lit up flames on this track right here, about those late night moments, that some people may never get to experience. That’s who the ‘dislikes’ are on YouTube. Buddy is a multifaceted artist, and he shows another one of his faces on this track.

Faces … is about sex.

Writing a song about sex is harder than you might imagine. Especially to discuss it in a way that helps the listener relate. Even if you’re not a superstar, you probably have had an encounter with a lady or a few, who talked a lot of shit, only to end up at your spot butt naked. Exchanging fuck faces is a level of bonding between two people that is truly beautiful, and unrivaled. Similar to how Lucky Daye asks ole girl to buss it open …  How we say things to people, goes a long way.

Can’t wait to see the ‘actual’ video for this one …

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