Really get Into This Myaaa P

Artist: Myaaa P
Track Name: Really Get Into It
AH Track Rating:

Reppin Milwaukee to the fullest, really get into it from Myaaa P is a real slapper. Released right in time to be slappin at every New Years Eve Party happening tonight! Really get into it is a fun song, something to dance to. Myaaa P lowkey got bars that you might miss if you’re not paying attention. Definitely a get money song, we’re handing this one 4 cash stacks!

Really Get Into It didn’t clear samples

I understand this track, which heavily samples Abba did not get their sample cleared – so may not get an official release. We’ll see what happens, Myaaa P may need one of them ‘daddies’ she’s looking for to throw a few bands her way. Hip Hop always has room for plenty of people to express themselves. 

Songs like this one, has people really getting into it all over Social Media (Tik Tok). You’ll see countless videos of people hittin ‘their dance’ to this slapper. Some just using it as background music to ‘set the tone’ for various videos that don’t have anyone dancing at all.

Props to the producer, that put this beat together …

It’s obviously well received. Even though this song is clearly pretty popular, the artist, Myaaa P (with 3 a’s) is not. Looks like she’s only been doing this for a little over a year. But she’s dropped a few other slappers besides this one.

Regardless of a cleared sample or not, Instagram Reels is also eating this one up. Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel that when major platforms like these, make as much money off songs like I’m sure they’re making off this one, they should pay to clear the sample for the artist. It’s always right to clear samples, original artists deserve their cut.

I hope the right people are getting their paper off this one…


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