Lenny Grant talks Bitcoin On The Breakfast Club

Lenny Grant aka Uncle Murda

Lenny Grant aka Uncle Murda sat down with the Breakfast Club to talk about Bitcoin, and much, much more.  I wish they spent even more time on this conversation, but it was good they at least went there.  It’s getting more into the conscious of black people, and that’s important. Too often, illegal actions are promoted to the black community as a way to get money. Ironically in a way this same conversation ‘mentions’ this as well. You have a person who goes by the name, Uncle Murda … how is that positive … being rewarded in this society.

Negative is always rewarded in this society – Check out Lenny Grant below


So again, I wish they would have spent more time talking about economics.  Lenny mentioned he heard about it through illegal means however, so I’m sure that’ll keep his street cred high.  None of this helps us as a community of course, because it again, steers us towards what isn’t good for us. It also, in a way, leaves a cloud of this new form of currency. Is it only for buying illegal gun parts, or was it ever really only about that?

People who buy bitcoins will tell you that Cash has been used for Illegal means for hundreds of years.

The fact that people use currency for illegal purchases, has nothing to do with the currency itself.  Getting in early though, most likely has Lenny Grant sitting pretty right now. Did you invest early, or at anytime during 2017? It’s had quite a year, and several people are smiling big, just like Lenny Grant is in this interview.  It’s a pretty solid conversation about everything that’s happened during the last 12 months.  Including a brief conversation on how negative Love and Hip Hip is towards black men. Again, the society we live in always steers ‘us’ towards the negative.

Overall though, this recap is going to take some of you back to stories you forgot about. It’s been a good year ……… Are you ready for 2018?


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