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"Johnny P's Caddy" by Benny The Butcher

AH Video Review Rated:

Johnny P’s Caddy, the official video, opens up in a Store, a familiar scene in many hoods around the nation. Then, we flash to Benny flashin a watch with the Sunlight setting behind him, then to another shot inside a house, with J. Cole, who guest appears on this track. The camera pans around, showing us some Police cars, at what seems to be the scene, of a crime. Two men onlooking, shaking their heads, but ‘exactly’ what they are seeing, remains mysterious.

Until, a few moments later when we see, a young brotha getting hemmed up on the hood of his car. Bennie, who been talking about the ‘choices’ he made to pursue different paths, saving him from a fate, that he too is observing, in the parking lot, outside of that store.

Choices do Matter out here – Regardless of the Environments we are born into …

Figure me, walk this tightrope with a feline’s agility
The streets did so much shit to me, I can never live civilly
I can never leave the scene without checkin’ my mirrors visually (Mm-hmm)
Come with that energy ’cause some shit gon’ always stick with me
They wanna know what I brought to Griselda, I say, “Validity”
They askin’ “What work y’all niggas put in?”, I’m like, “What didn’t we?”
Problems that I correct through the obstacles I progress
Illogical for them to feel they responsible for our success
Besides Con’ and West, tell me, who else I gotta respect? (Who else?)
‘Cause I’m kinda perplexed, it’s ’bout time that I got my respect

– Benny The Butcher

Benny definitely one of the most respected in the game right now.  So, no disrespect intended when asking, “Where is Johnny P’s Caddy?”

This video is just ‘alright’ though, so we give it 3, lit fires.

J. Cole really came through and laid down another phenomenal verse.  He clearly continues to respect the sport, giving his all when he gets on a beat, which in this outing comes from Alchemist. We’re not here to review the song though, just the visuals. Not bad, but not sure what the scene in the house was about, cycle of life perhaps? I sure never say Johnny P’s caddy in the video. They may have decided to have us, focus on these bars, however.  Not enough of us do. 


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