Live Set from D.J. Jazzy Jeff on April 11, 2020

"D.J. Jazzy Jeff Live on April 11, 2020" by DJ Jazzy Jeff

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April 11, 2020 will forever go down in Hip Hop history, because on this date we were treated with a live DJ ‘battle’ between RZA and DJ Premeire (Primo). Just before they got down on the 1’s and 2’s, D.J. Jazzy Jeff, blessed the world with a quick set. It’s worth a watch, in case you missed out! All aspiring DJ’s can learn several things from this too. I love what’s happening in spite of the negatives unfolding with the Coronavirus ravaging our world.  DJ Jazzy Jeff dealt with a ‘quick scare’ with Covid19 himself!

Responsibly, D.J. Jazzy Jeff’s message to us all, is “Stay Yo ass In the House” –

As people shelter inside, many are getting exposed to the people who got hip hop moving, like D.J. Jazzy Jeff. This has truly been a special time to be alive! Especially if you’re an “Old head”, but this is a great time for young heads to get rooted in the game too.

Lots of people are very familiar with Will Smith, the “Fresh prince of bel-air”. Some may only be familiar with Jazzy Jeff for his guest appearances, and getting thrown out the house by Uncle Phil.

But, long before that, and long after, he’s been one of hip hops most celebrated D.J’s!  Putting all of his skills on display, including seamless transitions from one track to the next. Also, a nice touch included those “Keep Yourself in the House” drops, programmed into his drum machine.

We’re working on getting this ‘playlist’ together for you as well from this April 11th 2020 set, so check back later for that. 

(This live set features a cuts from The Mighty Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, when they reminisce over you, Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, several r&b cuts that stay getting sampled by hip hop artists, like “Saturday in the Park”, flowing right into De La Sol’s Roller Skate Jam named Saturday. And so much more! )

Till then, enjoy this Live Set from D.J. Jazzy Jeff, during the historic April 11th 2020!

4 super LIT flames from us on this performance.


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