50 Cent Calls Jay Z’s 444 Too Smart

50 Cent Hating

In perhaps one of the most ignorant statements I’ve heard in a long, long time, 50 Cent called Jay Z’s new album 444 “too Smart”.

In his Instagram video, giving his feedback on the album he basically soft hated. He admitted that it was ‘aiight’ … but went on to make jokes about the album. While calling the album too smart, he basically insulted the entire hip hop fan base. More specifically, he is pigeon holding negroes into being simple minded, and Not interested in intelligent music. I am sad for all who are fans of Curtis Jackson, and further disappointed in the women who have dated him.

*The Original Video on IG was removed; 50 prolly caught too much flack


I felt like I needed a pair of loafers ? on when I listen to jay shit. LOL??golf any one !!!

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50 Cent also went on to say that you cannot be the hottest rapper at 47. I’ll agree with him, that the Old heads need to leave the younger generation of rappers alone. Not all of the youth movement is trash. However, even Joe Budden had a point when he got into it with Little Yatchy (for the culture) on Complex. His getting up and walking out of the interview with Migos on the other hand, was mostly hate. With Yatchty he wants young rappers to avoid being taken advantage of. I’ll have to get back to you on what his main problem is with Migos.

Sadly, the internet has reduced Budden’s beef with new cats to just pure jealousy. Several feel that since he never made it ‘big’ as a rapper, he’s decided to hate anyone who’s happy about their current success in the game. Meanwhile, everyone is missing the point that, for decades now, rappers have been the ones getting fucked over.

From white owned media companies that cover the industry and often pit rappers against one another, to white owned record companies that do the same, rappers have to be smarter.

You can’t JUST make music anymore, because the white man realizes the value of rap music. He/She understands the power of communicating messages through rhyme, over dope beats. In so many ways, if you saw the film for NWA’s story, Straight Outta Compton, this is what Jerry Heller embodied. He was an old white man who saw a business opportunity, and not much has changed. That’s how many of these white record producers still see rappers, and it doesn’t help when rappers like 50 cent give them a pass.

By speaking against ‘smart rap’, 50 cent is basically endorsing ignorant rap.  He’s also pushing the white man’s message that blacks are too high to listen to anything about business or finances. I’m beyond disappointed in his remarks, and hope someone in his circle can bring him to his senses. He needs to issue a retraction to several of his statements. Or we as an audience have to be Smart enough not to listen to dumb people.

Because that shit, was plain stupid.

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