Hip Hop History In Quarantine (Covid19 2020)

RZA vs D.J. Premiere - Hip Hop History

So much DOPE is happening in the world of hip hop. Actual hip hop history is being made, during this covid19 pandemic, happening here in 2020. While we are in Quarantine, several of the greats from hip hop have held it down on several social media platforms.

Most of it started with Dj D-nice, who many of us were introduced to back in the heights of KRS One’s boogie down productions! After he went LIVE on his instagram account, launching what we now call Club Quarantine, not only did his followers grow on that platform, other hip hop greats followed his example. In the past couple of weeks, we have seen incredible ‘battles’ with Little Jon and T-pain, Timbaland and Swizz Beats. We’re about to get a Babyface vs. Teddy Riley next week.

Ok, that’s not ‘hip hop’ but, if we are honest, Teddy Riley and his ‘new jack swing’ was the beginning of a ‘merger’ between R&B, that Babyface was known for, and hip hop.  It would also be silly to underestimate the influence of Babyface, his partner L.A. Ried, and their influence in the hip hop industry, especially in the south.

I am looking forward to that, happening ‘next week’ as of this post going up.

But, Two awesome ‘events’ that happened in hip hop history went down Tonight, April 11, 2020.

In the morning, we had QuestLove from The Mighty Roots Crew, going live on Instagram, Twitch and YouTube.  He was playing a tribute to the Abstract, Q-Tip, who’s bornday was this weekend. That was a tremendous tour through one of the greatest producers – in hip hop history. Check it out below.

I love that Questlove gave us a TON of backstory, on songs we know. He also took time to play songs many of us (even heads I know who really know hip hop) have never heard.

Then, just a few hours ago, one of the greatest Producer ‘battles’ we’ve ever witnessed, just unfolded.

None other than Rza of Wu-Tang … and D.J. Premiere!!

I don’t even want to ‘write’ too much; I Just want you to enjoy — Hip Hop History made today – let us not forget this time in Quarantine, during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

What a beautiful day in Hip Hop History!

Let us know what you enjoyed most about BOTH of these live performances! Who do you think won the ‘battle’? Respectfully we all know it was not a ‘hate’ or a ‘beef’ battle; just a chance to go through memory lane, and hear some of the greatest tracks every given to the hip hop community. Quick ‘list’ of what we heard tonight…

Also, love all the ‘backstory’ that both of these famous historic producers gave while playing these tracks! Again sound off in the comments. Let us know what you loved most about what we all witnessed in Quarantine.

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