Forever Rollin: Loyalty and Motivation

Artist: Kanye West
Track Name: Forever Rollin - fea. Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Baby
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Forever Rolling is one of several hitters from Mr. Kanye West’ Vultures album. Lil Baby leads off and Kanye closes it out.

It’s under 3 minutes, as Ty Dolla $ign floats all over this singing the hook, ‘forever rollin’ …

This is a pretty cold one, that almost takes us back to 808’s.

As Kanye has continued to grow and improve upon his already phenomenal career, we can often hear glimpses of what came before.  He gives us New Kanye, with a little bit of Old Kanye.

Fuck your favorite rapper, his number ain’t never numbers
Fuck your latest designer, this that new Yeezy come-up
Bet the car got turned milk chocolate to peanut butter
Niggas claimin’ they called me, ain’t even had my number
In the midst of the storm and you see me stuntin’ on ’em
He gon’ handle that for you, now you forever owe him
Fuck the head of the company, I’m the better owner
Y’all put hurdles in front of me with bananas on ’em
Then you wonder why a ape’ll go bananas on ’em

Protect your head from this burn, like it’s tannin’ lotion
See, we started off hustlin’, then we ended up ballin’
I had to follow my callin’, now we forever rollin’

Forever Rolling rolls in and out, gets right to the point.

3 cash stakes for the motivation to follow that calling. None of us know what may come when we do.  Let us know what you think of these 3 on a track together. Should this have gotten more than 3 or is that too high? Share your thoughts on forever rollin from Kanye West featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Lil Baby, below.


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