Erick Sermon Vernia Authority Album Review
Artist: Erick Sermon
Album: Vernia
Year: 2019

5 LIT Flames for the Green Eyed Bandit, Erick Sermon…. on Vernia!

The intro is exactly what you want from a Brand new album produced by the great, legend E Sermon. However the initial track features R.J. Payne, who rips that shit, and it’s produced by DJ Kanzer. Then, Erick Sermon returns, starting out with track 2 being the first ‘actual song’. Long time since we’ve heard from the great, so it’s really just a warm up. By the time track 3, Da Wave come on, we are reminded of the Funk that E. Sermon always brings.

The Game, and Go just may be two of the best songs of 2019 … So much of what E. Sermon is bringing on Vernia adds ‘perspective’ to hip hop overall. Selling his albums on platforms like bandcamp, and talking to the listeners about the information, widely available and accessible to those willing and wanting to make moves. It’s Go Time…

Raekwon, of the mighty Wu-Tang, comes on behind those tracks to tell you who ‘fathered your style’ …. along with NORE, who ‘young heads’ probably mostly know for Drink Champs, another serious banger is served up. After a quick commentary on how many rappers ‘sound the same’, … guess who fathered so many of these styles? Old heads … 90’s vets on Vernia showing out – and you’re only 6 tracks in.

These rappers my sons, I expect cards on fathers day – NORE

Keith Murray on that Stay Real pt.2 is refreshing to hear again. Original Def Squad member ripped it, that real shit … that ill shit indeed.  Then, Vernia rolls into a track with Xzibit and David Banner…. and Shaquille Oneal. Shaq-Fu, some may forget, has been a product of Erick Sermon productions all the way back to his first album. Again, super good to hear all these .. OG’s!

Then…. He put Too Short on a track with Devin the Dude, produced by D.J. Battlecat.

Fair warning … that song for adults only. More originators in the building, throughout Vernia.  Only 13 songs, and by the time we get to “May sound Crazy”, it’s almost over. But, no skips .. Vernia is a head banger all the way through. AuthorityHop is giving this album 5 lit fires. Not only does it bring back legendary MC’s and producers from the 90’s, they are all addressing ‘the game’ right now, heading into 2020.


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