Stranger Fruit Sheds New Light On Mike Brown

Mike Brown Father Marches - Stranger Fruit Documentary

There is a new film, Stranger Fruit about Mike Brown, that debuted at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this weekend. This new documentary sheds new light on the entire narrative surrounding the Mike Brown case. Hip Hop has been addressing the police brutality in the community for quite some time. How many MC’s are currently keeping people focused on what truly matters during times like these? The newly released surveillance video gives us more context to what may have went on in the liquor store. Why didn’t the police release this earlier?

Gigs510’s verse in the MuseumFlow, is worth listening to right now.

Did Mike Brown enter the story to steal swishers or where they payment for a deal that went down earlier that morning?

Immortal Technique says Rappers are afraid to speak on Mike Brown

Speaking about how the system is working, to set black people up to lose time and time again. Mike Brown literally didn’t have a chance. The moment Darren Wilson created his narrative for what happened he had support from society. It immediately reminded everyone of what had just happened with Trayvon Martin. The media seemed to collaborate with the police, to portray Mike Brown in a negative light.  We were told about every negative moment in his brief life, to almost justify the actions of the police officer.

He claimed that Mike Brown reached for his gun, and even assaulted him. We have no evidence that ever occurred.

Hip Hop was created to address controversy – Immortal Technique

Leave it to SouthbySouthwest to be the platform for a film like Stranger Fruit to be unveiled. A protege of Michael Moore, the director of Strange Fruit, Jason Pollock has everyone talking again about whether or not Darren Wilson got away with murder. It would appear, that the only video footage released ‘to the public’ was the angle that supports the Police view. Rather than allow the truth to be shown to the public, Mike Brown had to be vilified.

So where are the real MC’s who are addressing these issues today?

Let us know, in the comments below. Also how do you feel about the NEW information about Mike Brown, revealed in this documentary, Stranger Fruit?

Music wise, the ‘idea’ of Strange Fruit (for those who don’t know) comes from a Billie Holiday song by the same name.

Also check out Blood on the Leaves from Kanye West, which is a reference to Strange Fruit (mostly using Billie on the hook).

This ugly practice of murdering black people has gone on for too long in this country. Was Kanye afraid to address this more directly though? Did people get distracted from the message when he started talking about poppin molly’s?

When you consider what Immortal Technique said in the video above, it does get interesting. This is why it’s so necessary that we, the audience in hip hop, lift up the messengers who keep us centered, and informed.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to share examples of Chance the Rapper, donating money to public schools, because it shows that hip hop is capable of impacting real change.

However, the question remains on whether or not Stranger Fruit will have impact on change. Rest in Peace Mike Brown, and all who have lost their lives, to police brutality.


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