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Joe Budden
Joe Budden on "Everyday struggle" by ComplexNews - getting Lil Yatchy on his page, with DJ Academics. Discussing hip hop and the culture.

A few days ago we saw Joe Budden go all the way in on Lil Yatchy, while filming a ‘new show’ for Complex. It is an interview that is worth watching, as it relates to all of hip hop today. It’s speaking both to the past, and the future as well as the present. Such a great exchange goes down here and I hope that you’ve seen it. In Case you missed it however … let’s start it up now!

Joe Budden pressed Lil Yatchy on several topics. In my mind, this is what’s really missing from hip hop right now. We need more real, and frank discussions that aren’t ‘for the radio’.  I love that he mentioned a recent interview LIl Yatchy had on a radio show based out of New York.  Naturally the ‘reaction’ by several people was that this isn’t how a guest should be treated. People said Joe Budden just hates happiness. Perhaps that may be true, but that wasn’t the impression I got from this at all.

To give even more context, Joe Budden was filmed in the building at Complex getting into it with one of their writers, Angel Diaz. Apparently he wrote about the ‘rap beef’ between Drake and Joe Budden. Joe, didn’t like what Angel had to say. That exchange is pretty interesting as well because it includes DJ Academics (the co-host) also confronting Angel Diaz. Angel blocked him on twitter ….

Joe Budden, DJ Academics and Angel Diaz

To me, the reason he gave for why he blocked him (I Didn’t like your content) was immediately dismantled. There are several people who’s content he doesn’t like, but he didn’t block them. Perhaps, Angel was making comments on his page that he didn’t want DJ Academics to see. Maybe he didn’t want to allow the DJ to have any ‘input’ on his thoughts about the culture. This however is the ongoing ‘challenge’ that hip hop faces.

I’m glad Joe Budden confronted Lil Yatchy and Angel Diaz at Complex.

In so many ways you can tell that Joe Budden is not interested in what ComplexNews thinks, or feels. He’s going to be himself, and if it gets his show cancelled, he still has a podcast!   However, as an Old head he’s expressing real game to the young rapper. Sadly too many rappers are told not to listen to good advice all the time. That explains the attitude that Lil Yatchy and so many young rappers have today ‘towards’ the generation of rap that came before them. There are some talented artists out here, who are creating wonderful music. It’s too often overshadowed by a lack of respect, for what came before.

Which includes, artists getting fucked over by Record labels.  

“I’m not concerned with where your business is at 19, Yatchy. I’m concerned with where your business will be.” – Joe Budden

It’s a great interview, that shines a brief spotlight on the communication challenges between generations. I’m glad these two sat down and truly hope people gain some perspective. We (hip hop) are all in this together. We have to stop allowing the same things that have happened to continue happening. I.E. – people who don’t give a damn about hip hop, taking it and using it for their own benefits.  I love that DJ Academics and Joe, are having this conversation with, and in front of him.

Who knows, Lil Yatchy may turn out to be the old head getting new heads together in 20 years…

After the show:

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** Update 12/16/18 – Since we originally penned this one, Joe Budden has LEFT “Everyday struggle” – almost a full year now; here is Joe, in his own words, expanding into why he left.


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