The Real Rick Ross & CIA Connections

Rick Ross via

The Real Rick Ross was supplied directly by the CIA. While this is common knowledge, ironically it is often ignored by people who do not want to admit our government intentionally causes harm to minority communities.

Over 2 hours on this documentary on CIA Connections to the Drug Trade

Recently the CIA and other ‘intelligence agencies’ are in the news again. Did Russia really hack the USA or is our CIA up to more of their old tricks?

Meanwhile, the ‘fake’ Rick Ross recently bought a few more businesses in his home town. After creating massive success from a persona that he ripped from a real life drug dealer, should he do more for his community than buy businesses?

I’m not knocking him, or the original Freeway Rick.

The struggle continues.

So many of the tales from the hood that we’ll hear in the hip hop world, are actually based on real life. The mainstream news isn’t covering it all, but a few talented individuals in each generation have continued to tell their stories. It’s a damn shame, that these stories and these struggles continue.

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