Nicki Minaj Responds to Remy Ma Finally

Nicki Minaj responds to Remy Ma

A couple weeks ago, Remy Ma hit Nicki Minaj with 7 minutes of pent up frustration. You could hear it in the bars as she talked about every aspect of Nicki’s career up to this point. Several people on the outside looking in feel that it was mostly just a publicity stunt. Nicki Minaj rose to the level she is at ‘right now’ while Remy Ma was in jail. Perhaps Remy is wondering just where her career would be if that hadn’t happened? Just what was the point of this all anyways?

Well, Remy Spoke about her ‘personal reasons’ to go after Nicki Minaj.

Ever since people have been waiting for this moment when Nicki Minaj responds. Several people have said she had no real reason to respond. I mean, entire articles were written about how Nicki Minaj is a brand now, and Remy’s attack track simply lifted her up higher.

However, the day after Nicki Minaj responds, It’s clear, that the Rap game is pure entertainment at this point.

It’s almost like some WWE where you wonder if rappers have agree’d to take L’s for a few more dollars.

Was it worth it?

Nicki Minaj responds to Remy Ma

The way Drake destroyed Meek Mills had several people wondering if that was the reason his relationship with Nicki Minaj ended (even though that isn’t our business). However, it might have led to Remy making her album in the first place. For all we know, they’re all in this together. For them, it’s about the money they can make, not the power of the Mic to move the crowd.

Some of the best jokes you could read on Twitter, were about Meek Mills showing up to tell Remy Ma all of Nicki’s dirty secrets.

Yet, Shether wasn’t the best diss track of all time. Several weeks later, Nicki Minaj responds with 3 tracks.

Nicki Minaj may have just Meeked this up.

Check out what Ed Lover had to say about this – “You Gotta Beast Out! You can’t Focus On Billboard Charts”

You see, hip hop is not dead. This rap beef just isn’t ‘really’ hip hop is all.

It’s up to us as the audience to hold MC’s accountable. They cannot just go for the approval of their white audiences who pack the stadiums if they want to be given real props, within the ‘real and authentic’ hip hop community. The first response from Nicki No Frauds, as Ed Lover mentions, only has One verse from her on it. It’s cool that she brought Drake and Lil Wayne out to flex her muscles. However, they both kinda killed her verse off! None of their verses were that earth shattering.  She didn’t even run the Anchor leg on her own dis track.

Here’s the thing we have to keep in mind. Big corporations make big money off of this art form. Lyrically, neither of them really said anything worthy of too much attention from the ‘real audience’. Meanwhile, we have to keep in mind that Nicki is an actress. (Watch how Nicki Minaj responds to a fellow actress in the clip below)

You have to love youTube for moments like this.

Angry Phone Girl, aka Nicki Minaj has done well for herself. There is nothing wrong with making money if people are willing to give it to you. Like several famous artists today, she’s mostly doing this for money. Her own more indepth response even mentions that. She said that they are more focused on dropping hit records, than dis records.  “We’ll make a hit record and dis you on it.”Nicki Minaj went on to challenge Remy Ma to drop a hit record that gets more sales than she gets.

If only that were a true measure of who’s the better MC. Neither of them made our Top 5 for the Best Female MC’s but Remy’s Shether did get an honorable mention. Unfortunately the people who buy records, the audience that Nicki caters to, probably aren’t about to run out to buy Remy albums.

We are just coming the day we celebrated the short lived life of Biggie Smalls, 20 years after his untimely murder. That dark moment in hip hop history remains with us 20 years later. Several rap beefs have happened since, and so far all MC’s have managed to keep it on wax (for the most part). Let’s hope it remains that way, with two MC’s who really need to put more time into uplifting our communities, instead of tearing each other down.


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