RZA Directed IronFist Immortal Emerges From Cave

RZA directing Immortal Emerges From Cave
RZA directed a show for Marvel's Ironfist, now playing on Netflix

Shout outs to RZA on the directorial success of Episode 6 in Marvel’s newest show on Netflix, Ironfist. Episode 6, titled Immortal Emerges From Cave, is arguably one of the better episodes in what was, not a very well received show. After the huge success of DareDevil, Jessica Jones, a second Season of Dare Devil that featured Punisher and Electra and a very hip hop influenced Luke Cage show, many critics felt Ironfist was a disappointment.

As a actual fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I can say that I watched Ironfist, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as the critics have said. The show could have been better, however none of us really know where they are going with the character. I do have a few ideas on how Ironfist could have been better. That would be a conversation for a different place and time.

I really wanted to talk about the fact that RZA Directed one of the better shows.

In episode 6, Immortal Emerges From Cave (Spoilers for those who have not seen the show), the lead character, Danny Rand, takes on several challengers. There is a twist that you won’t see coming, and a lot of interesting information is revealed. In my mind, this is why a lot of viewers were disappointed with the show. We find out, that this is not a well-trained Ironfist. There is a lot more to his story, and ‘training’ isn’t complete.

Marvel has been an influence on several members of Wu Tang Clan. Ghostface Killah goes by the alias Tony Stark.  It fits when you understand the comic book character. He’s a brash, billionaire with expensive tastes. Ironman is also one of the greatest heroes in Marvel’s fictional story.  In so many ways, Wu Tang Clan is a combination of Kung Fu, and Marvel Comics, expressed through hip hop music.  As a group, they have blessed the culture in so many ways.

Leading the way, has been RZA.

RZA Directed Ironfist Episode 6

RZA has always played the role of director.

However, his actual directorial debut came in 2012 with  “The Man With the Iron Fists”.

While this film had no connection to Marvel, or the Ironfist character, this kung fu story was probably influenced in some way. He infused the film with music that he produced, and it’s actually considered to be a pretty good film in Martial Arts circles.  It’s ‘Tarentino-like’ in some ways, but shows off RZA’s ability to direct quality.  That’s one thing that all of Marvel’s Netflix shows have continued to deliver. The best directors in the film industry are hired to work on their shows.  RZA, going from hip hop producer to film director is inspirational!

Wu Tang Clan, is still, nothing to fuck with.

RZA continues to inspire as he continually uses his creative juices in several ways. He was also very influential in the making of the ‘playlist’ that Danny Rand listened to in Ironfist. (Danny Rand is the main character, who was stranded after his families plane crashed in the Himalayas around the 90’s.).  The show opens up, with “So Fresh, So Clean” by Outkast, and throughout the series are songs that take us back to 90’s hip hop.  There is a scene later in the season, where Claire Temple mentions some of the artists on his playlist.  But, more about that, at another time. Shout outs to RZA for this accomplishment.

Check out this Review of ‘Immortal Emerges From Cave’ (Spoilers) the RZA Directed Ironfist Episode, from someone who liked the show.

(This Live Reaction video to IronFist, Episode 6, the RZA directed, Immortal Emerges From Cave is not related to AuthorityHop.com. We just thought it was good.)


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