Stevie Wonder Birthday Celebration, with QuestLove of The Roots Crew

Stevie Wonder Birthday Celebration (questlove 70th)

On the 70th Birthday of Stevie Wonder, Questlove from the Mighty roots crew, dedicated an incredible Live Set; along with other D.J’s, all coming together to celebrate the life, and the many musical contributions, of Stevie Wonder!! 24 entire hours of “Stevie Wonder Classics” were played, on May 12th, 2020. More music history, culture history, hip hop history, continues during the craziest Quarantine of our lives!  Kicking it off, with the ‘black version‘ of Happy Birthday, that we all sing to one another; How Fitting …….

Happy Birthday To ya! Happy Birthday!!

In the first leg of this celebration, was Questlove, who was part of Hip Hop History in Quarantine. Over 4 hours of music, including, written or inspired by one of Music’s greats. Hip Hop always has its’ best look when paying omage to the roots, and the foundation of the craft. Every hip hop sample comes from the core, the African DNA of rhythm and drums…

Rythmn and Blues, and all music forms it has inspired wouldn’t be what is is without Stevie Wonder. As usual, what tends to be great, about these sets from Questlove is the backstories he shares, along with songs you most likely never heard. There’s also a ton of content you may have heard, but didn’t realize Stevie Wonder had his hand in creating. Like this “Do I”, from Eddie Murphy – I won’t even front, I’ve never heard that song, but I have heard “Party All The Time”, off that same album.

Which reminds me.. not too many people have really ‘sampled’ that one. Meek Millz hopped o a track with a young rapper, Asher Roth in one of the only hip hop tracks “I’ve heard’ on a song called party girl. 

Back to the Stevie Wonder, 70 Birthday Celebration, with Questlove …

Naturally we’re not going to break down every song in this one. Don’t want to spoil the set for you. Let us know what songs you liked, never heard before, or were pleased to hear again, in this incredible, historic time in the world of HIp Hop. Fresh off the Jill Sctott vs. Erykah Badu ‘ig battle’, the culture continues to win!

All this excellent music, that Quest even knew to put on, is mean to be enjoyed. One of the ‘greatest things’ to come out of this negative time, where a real threat to life is loose in the world, Quest’s depth of music knowledge is a true pleasure to take in. Along with so much of the great stuff we’ve been getting — Songs from Stevie Wonder, that he wrote, and inspired – A real titan of music. Quest has him in top 3 of all time as far as the entire ‘catalog’ of contributes he’s made.

If you haven’t done so already … hit play above – Turn this Stevie Wonder dedication up!!

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Thank you to @swfamily24 (@questlove, @gillespeterson, @djtaranyc, @natashadiggs, @dnice & @djspinna) for the 24 Hours of Stevie Wonder DJ livestream celebrating his 70th birthday Stevie is the epitome of an actual living legend, beyond comparison, a gift to humanity from who or whatever you believe in In the ‘Before Time’ over the last 14 years, we’ve had the opportunity to gather as a community to celebrate the Wonder of Stevie with @djspinna at the helm at #WonderfullLA thanks to @footlongdevelopment @cognito333 @ummrah Spinna going in for hours on a Stevie tribute set is something many of us never get tired of. One song in particular always stands out to me is when he gets around to playing ‘As’….there’s really nothing quite like this moment; it becomes a sublime spiritual experience on the dancefloor…it’s church. Spinna certainly went in on ‘As’ tonight; a much needed refuge and release so many of us needed in during these unprecedented times Thanks to all who helped make this happen today and thank for your the gift of Stevie. Happy 70th birthday to the ? #steviewonder #steviewonderclassics #thebesttoeverdoit #24hoursofstevie #djspinna #footlongdevelopment #swfamily #swfamily24

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TODAY IS STEVIE WONDER’S 70TH BIRTHDAY. Stevland Morris is the most important artist of all time. An innovator and a visionary. Words cannot express what his music means to me personally so I decided to let the music do the talking. In honour of his birthday, in addition to all of the tributes happening worldwide (especially the @SWFAMILY24 !!!) I’m sharing a short mix of my some of my most cherished and RARE records in my entire collection. They also happen to be Stevie Wonder songs, including the song dearest to me, and I know to many others as well, AS. I’ve tried to get every single AS cover on 45. So here’s a chill mix of Stevie Wrote It songs. AS: @ElkieBrooks #KimikoKasai feat. @HerbieHancock @jeanlucpontyband @GeorgeMofficial & @therealMaryJBlige Charlie’s Roots – Past Time Paradise @JoseFeliciano – Golden Lady @StevieWonderLegacy – Light My Fire Libercion De Virgilio Canales – Sir Duke (Spanish) Les Gendarmes – Rien, Rien, Rien (French) Bande Internacional de Ray Camacho – Recuerdos Del Barrio (Spanish) @SergioMendesMusic & Brasil ’77 – Superstition #45FRIDAY #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSTEVIEWONDER #SWFAMILY24

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