Push This Pen With A Mission – Team Backpack Cypher

"Museum Flow prod by Mike Gao and Beat Bros" by GIGS510, Asad ill, Tru, & Daylyt

AH Video Review Rated:

“This one for Huey Newton! You see the movement, leave Babylon in ruins, build and destroy, like a mastermind I’m movin”- Asad ill – Push This pen with a Mission; “Free the people with these lines!” – shout outs to all young black and gifted MC’s ready to for revolution! Shout outs to the Black Panther Party. Standing up to the wrong doing by the police continues to this day (Police Pulling Over Innocent People).

Push this Pen with a Mission though. RIP to those who have died in this struggle – Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland.

Push The Pen with a Mission

Another 5 Flame Cypher from Team Backpack – featuring GIGS510 saying their names, to kick off this collaboration. Closing it out is Daylyt, with fire from both Asad ill, and Tru in between. Production from Beat Bros & Mike Gao. These four MC’s prove that hip hop is alive and well! Coming to us from the Oakland Museum (California) in the Black Panther exhibit, with a flow so woke, the entire conscious community should be fans of all 4 of these messengers. If not, then you are welcome. Look for more of these MC’s on the pages of AuthorityHop.com – bringing balance to the force!

“This what I know, To create our survival;
Rule #1, Get rid of they Bible,
Step 2, Get rid of they gods, No Amen it’s Amen Ra
If we learn who they are, then they dynasty gotta fall” – Daylyt

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