The White Lady and Vince Staples is Hip Hop History

white lady and vince staples

The commentary that has already taken place about Vince Staples and the White Lady is worth covering. It’s history in a way because for so many years several white people have openly voiced their discontent with hip hop music. That vitriol is especially true when it comes to gangsta rap music.  Going all the way back to when NWA released Straight Outta Compton, so-called white Christians have probably been the loudest with their objections.

For so many years they have tried to use the moral high ground to justify their criticism of this genre, because this society never wants to hear black people speak about the conditions they’ve been placed in.  Unfortunately this commentary continues into the present day. While this isn’t new news, it has an important place in the discussion. Should more white Christians be outraged about music lyrics, rather than the conditions rappers are describing?

Here is the Video of the White Lady crying over the Lyrics of Norf Norf (about North Side Long Beach), by Vince Staples

White Christians especially, love to pretend that Christianity was not linked to the brutality of the slave trade, and related practices on the plantation. They love to ignore the link between the slave patrols that later became the police. Far too often you’ll find them pretending to care about society, but fail to even understand it. The story of Vince Staples and the White Lady unfolded at the right time too. This happened way back in 2016, and it was well covered by a lot of white owned hip hop outlets (websites) at the time. Most of them had the typical, watered down spin as well. Their goal is to sell papers not serve the culture.  For example, this entry from Vibe Magazine below.

This Is What Happens When A Christian Mother Hears Vince Staples On The Radio…

Now, I am quite sure she has never had a problem with Howard Stern on the radio.

It’s been covered how several white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 Election. That’s right, they cast their votes for a pussy grabber who forces himself on women and brags about it. Without going further into what kind of man he is, he is just another example that we continue to see. White men are judged by totally different standards than are Black men.

What stood out to me was not ‘what the mother’ was reading off, as she recited the lyrics that repulsed her. It was the additional commentary that she was making, about the person who wrote the song. She clearly had no idea who this man was, or what he has been through in life.

Just from listening to how she reacted to the Hook, “I ain’t never ran from nothing but the Police” shows you how out of touch she is. She took that, as him suggesting that it’s cool to run from the police. However you’ll never find that anywhere in the song!  Instead he is simply commenting on the mentality some men Must have, simply to survive in communities that have been economically disparaged, such as the North Side of Long Beach, California has.

All of that being said, I’m overwhelmed with pride in the level of understanding that Vince showed towards this white woman.

His response on Twitter was deleted, however since he was interviewed, and misquoted by another white-owned outlet, he went straight to the people. This Response deserves to be passed around the hip hop community if it hasn’t been already. Let’s give it another twirl.  Because if white Christians ever decide to actually listen to what’s happened, and do something to fix the problems their ancestors created, then white mothers will not have to have break downs over songs played on the radio.

So yes, there is a miscommunication, but there is a lot going on in the white Christian community.

Why is she okay with Megan Trainor, and why does she ‘long for the days’ of Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys, or N-Sync?  These are the same white Christians who are against homosexuality, and yet both of those white boy bands the white lady crying over Vince Staples have members who are gay.  Britney Spears meanwhile, was promoting very sexually oriented messages to her fan-base, who at first were very young. I’m sure that’s who this white lady is as well.

Yet she’s worried about what the youth are being subjected to?

So while I applaud the response by Vince Staples, I truly hope that some communication will take place within the white Christian community. Historically, they have done a lot wrong and are actually in no place to judge others. It’s highly ironic that so much of her criticism is Not about the results of what white Christianity has done. Instead it’s about a rapper, discussing those results. This is why more MC’s must continue to discuss these issues, and also why more outlets must talk about why these conditions exist in the first place.

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