Was Kanye West Cloned? Radio Fuck You His Last Real Message?

Was Kanye West Cloned or Nah?

Was Kanye West cloned? Yes, we are really about to go there on AuthorityHop.com today.

By now we know the story of his sudden hospitalization a few months ago. Kanye West held a concert in Sacramento, California a couple days after Donald Trump won the presidential election.  Lots of blogs at the time rushed to call Kanye West crazy for his ‘radio fuck you’ rant, that he broke into during that concert. He basically ended up talking for about 25 minutes, instead of performing and he made several alarming statements. “Don’t send killers at my head bro, Let Ye, be Ye!” – Was this Kanye West’s last message to us?

Watch “Kanye West Is Dead & Replaced” – Dead & Cloned”

A lot has happened since this moment. Kanye West said so much shit in this rant and I’m really not sure where you are on it. I mean, we do live in a time where people are in a hurry to form an opinion on things. Several people stopped fucking with Kanye years ago, since before he ran out and stopped Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

But what was really going on in that rant, now that we look at what has transpired since?

The next day, he was taken to a hospital and released a few days later.  Kanye West went to meet with Donald Trump, and the ‘New’ Kanye seemingly appeared.

I miss the Old Kanye

I know, cloning is a WILD topic. Are we really ready to have this conversation in the hip hop community?  That’s the question that I posed, when we were discussing, just What Happened to Andre 3000 and Cee Lo Green. These were two of hip hop’s giants early out the gate. Ceelo’s verses on the Classic debut album from Outkast, SouthernPlaylisticCadallacMusiz still bless us to this day. (More about that in a moment.)  We got into talking about, whether or not they had been cloned.

Then we started to discuss whether or not any rappers have been speaking on this topic at all. Turns out not too many have, other than B.O.B. and Lil Boosie!  Then there was that time Al Roker paused on Live Television, like some Westworld shit. Was Holy Ghost the command word?

Now, many of you coming to these pages may or may not be familiar with the topic. That’s one of the reasons that I had to share the above video with you from Vrillex, a youTube content creator with over 28,000 subscribers, tuned into their channel.  What I appreciate about his video, is not only did he include the Full Radio Fuck You Rant, he also mentions the “Famous” video by Kanye West.  He even dives into the MK Ultra (mind control) program, which is research-able.

The Famous video will go down as a “Serious what the fuck moment in hip hop history”.

Anyone who wants to be serious for a moment, can find out more about these topics. Everything from mind control to cloning ‘is out there’.  You’ll also find no shortage of people saying it’s all just bullshit. People will look at you crazy if you’re talking to them about mind control.  They’ll say there is no such thing as cloning, and there are no ‘reasons’ why anyone would be cloned.

However, if we’re really going to answer whether Kanye West Cloned or not we have to ask if there are ‘reasons’ why.

The Famous Video (a song produced by Swizz Beatz) starts out with several ‘clips’ of Kanye’s infamous rants over the years. “We Culture, Rap is the new Rock N Roll, We Rockstars; It’s been like that for a minute!”

From George Bush does not care about black people, to other comments said in radio interviews. It ‘comes down’ from the sky, that you might recognize if you have really been fucking with Kanye.  It’s from the ‘video game’ he was working on, dedicated to his mother. The video, features several ‘famous celebrities’, who all appear to be sleeping. Possibly recovering from an orgy. Or maybe it’s just a visual meant to say no matter how ‘famous’ someone is, at the end of the day we’re all naked under the ‘sheets’.

But are those ‘wax figures’ breathing? What in the fuck is going on there?

When the video dropped those were two questions that came up often!

Now that we look back on everything that has happened since, do these questions seem more or less pertinent now? “Bah Bah, Black Sheep?” is heard just before the eerie ass ‘breathing break’ in the video.  Sheep have been cloned successfully, so was this a hint?  Was Kanye West cloned before he made this video and was he trying to let us know? The Famous video will go down as a “Serious what the fuck moment in hip hop history”.

Timing is always on time.

We have spoken about Kanye West already here before.  “Why Was Kanye West Cloned?”:

I Told You To Wait (Blood On The Leaves)

Murs Pays Homage To Kanye West

More from when Kanye West met with Donald Trump.

This was such an odd appearance that it’s given a lot of the people who’ve been seen as crazy, sudden credibility. Something is clearly wrong. The second video, gets into some biblical scripture and we’re not here to push that on you. You may or may not subscribe to those beliefs. There may be other doctrines you are into, which speak of these kinds of ‘times’. Even Busta Rhymes used to talk to us about the ‘end of the world coming’.  Hip Hop used to always speak on real shit! (more on The Kanye Clone Conspiracy)

Kanye West used to really speak on some REAL SHIT too!

Perhaps the ‘Radio Fuck you Rant’ was his last real message to the community.  Since this meeting (with Trump) happened, the movie Get Out came out. Several people are now wondering if Kanye West is in a ‘sunken place’. Was Kanye West cloned instead?  Let’s be real, these ARE youTube videos and yea, anyone can put a video together. There is also a lot of information out there and folks are having conversations. If something IS going on, we need to talk about all of this together.

Let us know what YOU think is going on below!

  • Update :: 4/8/2020 :: adding the full ‘rant’ so we can all re-examine this closer; it would appear the Kanye we’ve seen ‘since’ is not the same; he did say he was risking his life…

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