Lavell Crawford Speaks With Culture Vulture About Key And Peele

Lavell Crawford on VladTV

Lavell Crawford sat down to talk about a whole bunch of nothing recently. Normally I wouldn’t waste time covering gossip. That’s not really what this is, but usually that is the focus of VladTV. In a long line of culture vultures, that swoop in to benefit off of anything negative in our communities, VladTV sits down with hip hop artists and black comedians all the time.

He typically covers black culture and so no shade is being thrown.  Just stating facts, that he makes his money off discussing black people. (have I lied yet?) Lavell Crawford sat down to discuss comments made about Key and Peele. Russell Simmons and Arie Spears both have had something to say.

That isn’t really what caught me though.

While Lavell Crawford is speaking with Vlad he mentions cloning. He even jokes about was Kanye West cloned which we covered here. 

If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t share this brief interview here at all. That part was interesting. Kanye behaving so differently shocks people.

Even Lavell Crawford jokes that going on Vlad may result in losing his brain too.  Ironic he speaks about what these vultures do. They live off others, and feed off the dead. They kill careers and spin news stories.

All of it done to stay in control of others.

They seek to control our outlets of expression so they can limit our influence in our communities to their desired goals. All of their interests are self centered. Even this interview isn’t about settling debates, but stoking fires.

So, it’s still a good study. This example shows why hip hop needs to remain in control of its own image, and expression.

I didn’t even disagree with the ‘quote’ from Russel Simmons. What Lavell said, didn’t really bother me either. However these are the kinds of discussions we can, and should be having within our own communities. In so many ways, VladTV is all about bringing our people on, to ‘talk about one another’. Instead, I’d love to see all of these extremely creative and talented brothers sit down and talk ‘to each other’. Imagine if Key and Peele put something together with Def Comedy Jam?

Who knows what limitations they’ve been up against, working with ‘white owned outlets’. Below, is the skit Lavell Crawford was mentioning on VladTV. Welcome to Negroland!

Clearly Negrotown is a dream. This skit, was also pretty damn funny. “Wait, I thought I was going to negrotown…..  Oh, You are” (The police smirks, puts him in the back, and drives off.)  As we know our prison population is out of control. Several documentaries & recent studies have covered the connections, and it appears this country still thrives off of the enslavement of black people. So once more, imagine what kinds of topics these Key & Peele cats would be discussing, if they didn’t have ‘white bosses’ to please?

Meanwhile, let’s hope nobody is out here getting cloned.


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