Dame Dash vs. DJ Funkmaster Flex Culture Vulture Debates

Culture Vulture 2018 Dame Dash vs Funkmaster Flex

DJ Funk Flex sounds very suspect, taking on Dame Dash over his comments about Culture Vulture, Lyor Cohen. Of course, Dame Dash wrote a book on the topic and is now also doing ‘classes’ to discuss what Culture Vultures are. This, apparently was the final straw for DJ Funkmaster Flex and he’s out here going hard at Dame, telling him, he’d be nothing if it wasn’t for Lyor Cohen’s involvement in his life.

Making it pretty clear to all of us, where “Flex” actually stands on a real issue. Should we, as black people, be this okay with so many non blacks steering the ship of hip hop’s fleet? Do too many record companies, magazine outlets, and radio stations have too much ‘influence’ in who our culture is looking ‘up’ to?

Should these matters be controlled, By us instead of others?

Dame Dash is out here minding his Own business, and encouraging other black men and women to do the same. Through his classes, he is helping other black people figure out how to make their dreams of owning a business a reality. He is encouraging blacks to ‘own’ and control what they create.

This is a message that hip hop needed years ago – and in many ways I feel he’s learned from the mistakes he’s made along the way. Including, allowing outsiders to have any say so or control in his business and music career. Those regrets, have turned into lessons, a more mature Dame Dash, who now is seeking to play a role as Mentor.

Then along comes Flex, tap dancing asking ‘who’s that nigga on that nag!’

…. and for those who don’t ‘get’ the reference. Side eye …

But yea … here you go.

… let’s get into even more context here. You need to also make sure you hear more of DJ funk “master” flex, having a whole meltdown over Dame Dash’s ‘culture vulture’ theme. He does not want this topic discussed anymore. If it’s up to him, we are shutting this whole conversation down!!

It’s almost as if Lyor got on the phone and TOLD his nigga to get ON The AIR right now and address this Damon Dash, before the end of the year. Especially before he does anymore ‘live’ classes, or puts anymore negroes on the path to self owned empowerment.

Why does the ‘word’ Culture Vulture ‘bother’ Dj Funk master Flex??

Well, this goes back a while now. At least 4 years ago, when Dame first started pushing this into the conversation, Funkmaster Flex attacked Dame then. Dame actually ‘responded’ saying that basically, he’s to able to speak freely, because no one is his boss. We can all remember those “Tweet like Dame” tweets, when he first got this discussion going.

Meanwhile, I agree that Jay ‘should’ address what Funkmaster Flex is saying, especially now that he’s suggesting Jay only became Jay because of Lyor. Saying the ‘label’ made the M.C. … and not his own skills or ability to create visual pictures.

Was Jay ‘told’ not to say something?

So this issue has been brewing for quite a while now. It’s a matter of time before we hear even more from all sides involved. We ‘may’ even hear from Jay Z too. Jay is making a lot of moves with ‘the whites’ right now. That isn’t a knock on Jay at all, as he is ‘also’ making moves to own and control whole stakes; Jay is also making music about the same. This ‘spirit’ of encouraging blacks to be owners and not just consumers is what hip hop has been missing.

So just why would a black man have a problem with that?

Peep the entire ‘renewed rant’ from Funkmaster Flex, and also commentary from ThoughtCrimez below. A great point I agree with from these two, is that as long as black people have no ‘power’ these arguments will exist.

Let us know how you feel about Dame Dash vs. Funkmaster Flex :: debating Lyor Cohen and other Culture Vultures, preying on hip hop. Would Jay Z have married Beyonce if it wasn’t for the white saviors?

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