RIP Prodigy – One Of The Illest To Ever Do It

Prodigy One Of The Illest Ever

Not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning, but … Prodigy from the Infamous Mob Deep passed away this morning. Let us take time out this week, to honor one of the Illest to ever do it.

Ain’t to such thing as Halfway crooks…

For me, and so many others this was my introduction to Prodigy and Havoc. This opening verse is still a Bonafied Timeless classic to this day.  Seems like everytime he got on a track he ripped that shit. Even when he got on a 112 song, and spit a love verse, it came off hard. Not too many MC’s have ever described street and thug life in the poetic ways that Prodigy could. “The Phantom of Crime Rap” –

It’s no joke out here in certain parts of the country.  But what I always appreciated about his ‘reports’, is that he explained both sides of it.

Not only did he talk about what was happening in the streets, but how it got that way. He never shied away from talking about the ‘powers’ that maintain the conditions of the streets. With their debut album, we all knew Mobb Deep had something to contribute.

Then there was this whole album, Hell on Earth …. with this single especially.

“The Projects is Frontlines, and the Enemy is One Time” – Havoc, Mobb Deep “Front Lines”

Havoc and Prodigy were one of the best rap groups of all time because of how ill they both were; With two different styles, P was always the dopest of the two. But don’t sleep on Hav. In Hell on Earth, he even said (almost prophetically) – “Summon rasta, we can do this, forever infinite Then reminisce, 20 years later how we was gettin’ it” …

and here we are….

One of the dopest verses ever – Prodigy, Front Lines verse 3 —

Yo, the heavy metal king, hold big shit with spare clips
You see an eclipse when the MAC spit, your top got split
Layin’ dead with open eyes, close his eyelids
Turn off his lights, switch to darkness
‘Cause deep in the abyss is street life
Blood on my kicks, shit on my knife
You’s the wild child, kid cold turnin’ men into mice
I was born to take power, leave my mark on this planet
The Phantom of Crime Rap, niggas is left stranded
Shut down your operation, closed for business
Leave a foul taste in your mouth like Guinness
POW niggas is found MIA
We move like special forces, Green Beret
Heavily around my throat, I don’t play
Shit brand new, back in ’89, the same way
The God P walk with a limp see, but simply
To simplify shit, no man can go against me
Test me, you must be bent, G, don’t tempt me
I had this full clip for so long, it needs to empty
The reason why it’s full for so long ‘cause I don’t waste shit
You properly hit, blood in your mouth, so you could taste it
Quiet as kept, I lay back and watch the world spin
I hear thugs, claimin’ that they gonna rob the Mobb
When they see us, I tell you what Black
Here’s the issue, it’s a package deal, you rob me
You take these missiles along with that
I ain’t your average cat
Fuck rap, I’m tryna make cream, and that’s that
Whatever it takes, however, it gots to go down
Four mics on stage, a motherfuckin’ four pound
Speakers leakin’ out sound and niggas leakin’ on the ground
I could truly care less, the God gon’ get his
Regardless blow for blow, let’s find out who wear hardest
This rap artist used to be a stickup artist
Sometimes I test myself, see if I still got it
A live nigga stay on point, never diss
Regard shit or forget the essence from which I emerged
P is sick, so save that bullshit for the birds
Live up to my word, if I got beef, niggas comin’ in herds
We flush through, your clique get purged

“Illuminati want my mind Soul and my body. Secret Society, tryin to keep they eye on me.” – A VERSE he uttered on this L.L. Cool J. remix of I Shot Ya…. which also featured Keith Murray and Foxy Brown. That line was re-used on a Sample for Jay Z’s single “D’Evils” off his debut classic album, No Regrets.

I won’t lie, the other MC’s kinda let that song down.

Prodigy should’ve closed it out. BUT, his verse was so cold, it will live forever. Plus, it’s true ….  We really do live in a society that is fully controlled by puppet masters. So many artists in the rap game have spoken about them (culture vultures), but i wonder if the ‘fans of the music’ have heard them.

Prodigy had been battling health challenges for several years. While he has died today, at the young age of 42, at least he is no longer in the ‘pain’ of the physical world.

Best way to close this out …. Jay Z, with Prodigy on the Hook.

RIP to one of the illest to ever do this;

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