Chloe X Halle Amaze and Humble Us All

Chloe X Halle with Beyonce

Naturally we were going to have to speak on this. The timing of it is incredible, and so are the voices of Chloe X Halle, who cover Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Be Humble’. They only gave us a short snippet, and picked right up at one of it’s most controversial parts. Just the other day we wrote about the crazy outrage the song sparked (over Natural beauty). In so many ways, I feel like Chloe X Halle subliminally put that entire discussion to rest. Natural should be celebrated and put on pedestals.  No auto-tune here, no fancy music studio producing this, just a video camera and a keyboard.

Chloe X Halle have real talent. I’ve seen some other articles suggesting that maybe they need to link up with one of these bigger ‘stars’ like Beyonce. While that sounds like a good idea at first, perhaps they don’t need to involve themselves with the ‘business side’ of the music industry, with established companies.  They seem to be doing just fine without outside interference.  Quite simply, they have talent and have been using ‘social media’ wisely!

One of the issues with having talent, is others are always seeking to use that talent for their personal benefit.

Most record labels aren’t as interested in allowing the artists to be themselves, as seems to be the case with T.D.E., based in Carson, California. With several artists under their belt, including Kendrick Lamar and others like Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, this label isn’t conforming to social norms. Not all labels take that approach.

We want to encourage artists to always seek to stay in control of their careers, as much as possible. Yes, be humble, and don’t seek out fame or fortune. Keep it real, natural and grounded just like Chloe X Halle did, in this 1 minute Cover.  Follow them on twitter, support their self-released album on their website and let us know what you thought below!

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