Outkast SouthernPlayalistic

Artist: Outkast
Album: SouthernPlayalisticCadillackMuzik
Year: 1992

this was the best album ever put together, an instant classic and all that!


Instant Classic. SouthernPlayalisticCadillackMuzik was hip hop’s introduction to a duo from the dirty south that would go on to become legends. Andre (now Andre 3,000) and Big Boi set the world on fire with their debut.  Players Ball intro playing, they came right at us, with the title track.  Big Boi said it’s the M, I Crooked letter …  and set up his partner Dre. The way Andre ripped that first verse you knew that these cats were special.  They were slightly different, but both unique. The duo would parlay this unique complimentary combination into several hit albums following this debut. They also made hip hop take the south seriously.

With several hits on this one, like Get up, Get out & Call of the Wild (featuring Goodie Mo.B), as well as anthems like Ain’t No Thang, Hootie Hoo, both version of Players Ball (featuring Sleepy Brown on the hook) and Crumbling Herb, this hip hop classic album is really a banger from start to finish. Still, featuring one of the greatest Spoken Word tracks of all time with Big Rube on that interlude, True Dat. “If you think it’s all about pimpin hoes and slamming cadillac does, you prolly a cracka! Or a nigga that think he a cracka!”

“Right On To the real, and Death to the Fakers.” – Big Rube


All the way through to the outro, D.E.E.P., where Andre really ‘let his mind creep’ and gave us some of the hardest lyrics we had heard at the time. He’s been doing that too ever since. Meanwhile Big Boi has always hit hard with real life situations. One of the dopest picture painters hip hop has ever had, as he’ll make you feel like you are in the scene he’s rapping about.  Shout outs to creativity. Long live real hip hop lyricists.

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