Marvel’s Ironfist Soundtrack Features Hip Hop Artists

Ironfist Soundtrack features Hip Hop

Marvel’s Ironfist Soundtrack doesn’t officially include all of the songs that you’ll hear in the episodes. However, thanks to, we’re going to give you a short playlist of the hip hop artists featured on the Ironfist Soundtrack.  In fact, the very first song you hear is from yet another Outkast Classic Album, Stankonia.  Hearing So Fresh, So Clean playing was pretty ironic, as the lead character was stepping back into the scene looking anything but!

This is episode 1, as Ironfist (Danny Rand) returns to New York City, to visit the company his father started. He had been ‘away from home’, and presumed dead for the past 15 years. The show, Ironfist, is part of a series of shows that Marvel began releasing to Netflix that include Daredevil, Jessica Jones & Luke Cage. All of these shows are based around comic book characters who’s stories they’ve chosen to tell on a smaller screen. While the first two series didn’t really include too much hip hop, Luke Cage certainly broke their mold. Music was prominently featured in that series, and even included a new song from Wu Tang Clan’s Method Man, Bulletproof Love.

Also, speaking of the Wu Tang Clan, RZA Directed Episode 6 of Ironfist, titled, Immortal Emerges From Cave.

While the Ironfist Soundtrack officially features music from Anderson Paak, and original scores from Trevor Morris, you’ll hear a few tracks while watching the shows that you may recognize.

Starting in Episode 1 – Snow Gives Way, we already talked about the introduction. Danny is listening to is ipod because he was stranded in the 90’s. I read somewhere that the show producers wanted to add context to the show, using a playlist from that time. 90’s hip hop is still the topic of so many discussions today! As Danny sits down in the park during this first episode you’ll hear him listening to a super throwback…

Krystal Karrington, from Camp Lo.

Later in the same episode, another member of Wu Tang Clan’s extended family, Killah Priest (of Wu Tang Killah Bees) is featured.

Heat Of the Moment from Killah Priest

Shockwaves blacken the terrain, and man looks strange
Open the book, see I’m king, read my name, and see thy wings
Believe I changed, I went with the horse, slept at the pastor’s door
Heard the whispers through my enemy’s walls
Rode the elevator to the thirteenth floor
Console with Gandi, since God placed his hands upon me
I rose up commanding the army, demanding my laundry
Talk to monks, holding a pump, ya’ll niggas wanna roll, what ya’ll want?
Shout at satan, shout at the pagans, cats wavin’, one of the brave men

  • Killah Priest, (unofficial Ironfist Soundtrack)

In Episide 3 during the Morning Meditation Chi Session….

Danny Rand finds himself staying at the Dojo of a Master in New York named Colleen Wing. He has this blasting early in the morning while moving his Chi around. For those of you who are into meditation you might wanna give this playlist a try. What’s interesting about this scene, is this is probably a song Colleen owns.  The Cool Kids weren’t 90’s, but a lot of their music was homage to what is considered by many to be the golden age of hip hop music.

Skip to Episode 4 of Ironfist, Eight Diagram Dragon Palm. More bangers from the unofficial Ironfist Soundtrack

A couple more tracks you’ll hear playing from Run the Jewels and Vince Staples.

One of the supporting characters in Ironfist, Colleen Wing was frustrated by events that unfolded in the show. She took her frustration out on the wooden dummy in her dojo, while this was, ‘banging’ in the background.

Hang N’ Bang, Vice Staples featuring A$hton Matthews)

Colleen Wing in Ironfist

In that same episode, Colleen Wing takes on 2 fighters in an underground ‘fight club’ to earn some extra money. Considering the ass whooping she handed out on this night, the chosen ‘theme song’ was more than appropriate. For those who are unfamiliar with Marvel Comics this is a pretty important character, who later may team up with another character we saw in Luke Cage. All 4 are teaming up together in Marvel’s upcoming show, The Defenders. That means a lot more ass whoopings to be handed out on the small screen.

Run The Jewels, Blockbuster Night Part 1

Thanks again to for the unofficial Marvel’s Ironfist soundtrack hip hop features.  It’s safe to say that most of the negative reviews were due to bias over the lead character being white. However, fans of the series who have watched all of the other shows had a very different impression of this first Season of Ironfist. Meanwhile, the usage of music in any film setting is intended to enhance the scene.  It’s never an accident when these films and tv shows are put together, that certain songs are chosen.

Here at AuthorityHop we look forward to seeing how Marvel continues to use hip hop artists to enhance their shows.  Did you watch the Ironfist? Tell us what you thought of it below!


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