Vince Staples Has It All Figured Out (R. Kelly too)

all figured out, with R. Kelly & Vince Staples

Vince Staples has it all figured out. Sitting down at Coachella 2018, he gave a now viral interview on several topics including R. Kelly. Vince also got into the race war between the Asians and Hispanics. Before he got ‘cut off’ he went into how the Oil Refinery’s have a lock down on the Long Beach area. Ever been to Long Beach before? (Norf, Norf)

Again, having it all figured out, Vince lays out a plan where he helps get a Gay Latino Mayor elected first. Next, he’ll step in to work with that mayor to represent black people ‘with hood ties’. Lastly, they’ll work to make way for Tesla and their factories, paving way for more jobs and an overall healthier economy.

That is the goal of getting off coal, right?

Hip Hop continues to need voices and ideas like these, expressed.  The audience, who may be ‘mostly white’ at locations like Coachella, still very much includes black people (overall).

Clearly, Vince Staples knows who his target audience ‘really’ is. We need to continue to support artists like these, while they are with us.  We ‘also’ need to look for ways to improve the places where we dwell. Glad to hear him hit on these topics in such a short amount of time. How many of us are truly thinking about what’s best for our communities? Just how serious are we even taking the control of ‘our’ music …?

Especially if we listen to music to ‘escape’ what’s around us…. eventually ‘we’ won’t be creating it.

At least, that’s what some people say. As more and more of the ‘fake’ emerges, the more ‘real heads’ return to the source of hip hop. The Underground…

But, to the main topic here: “R. Kelly is a piece of shit Child Molester, he never went to jail. I’m a good person, why should I go to jail when a piece of shit Child molester like R. Kelly never went to jail.  He pee’s on people and can’t read and write.” – (paraphrased) Vince Staples, Coachella 2018

It’s often amazing who goes to jail and who does not.

How is it, that R. Kelly is still free, while Bill Cosby is now regarded to be one of the most vile men to have lived? Meanwhile, people are still attending R. Kelly concerts.

I’m not sure anyone has ‘that’ all figured out.

…. is it a bit ‘odd’ that Vince was run off right after really going in on these valid points??

I saw a clip earlier in the week on Coachella’s youTube channel, with a far shorter ‘clip’ of this, already short interview. The earlier, much shorter clip did not have this section with his comments on R. Kelly.  None of this is a secret. The Boondocks has that famous episode, where they all watch the tape to make sure it’s him.

Then, there are all the articles that have been written over the past several months, about R. Kellys Sex Cult?

Don’t take this wrong, I’m not out here calling for anyone’s arrest. However, what are the Police doing? (A question we all find ourselves asking far too often, in way too many situations). Perhaps these allegations, are ‘just allegations’ though….

But we Know he pee’d on them girls …


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