Rap Beef: That Time CNN Responded to Dogg Pound

CNN Got Mad at Kurupt Sitting on New York Buildings and Responded

Rolling through twitter and saw a tweet that took me all the way back. When Dogg Pound dropped that New York, New York I was in college. Me and my people had that track on continuous replay, especially when Kurupt came to the mic! To this day, that is one of the all time dopest verses in hip hop history! That east coast vs west coast beef was still kind of a thing back when they dropped this one. So I’m sure New York cats felt some kinda way. Capone N Noreaga (N.O.R.E.) got with Mobb Deep, and decided to Rep for the east coast.

Rap Beef is part of hip hop and I’d argue that it’s always healthy, so long as they keep it on wax!

‘Yo God, isn’t that Money?’ – watch that original New York, New York – “The Night I served 2,000 MC’s” – Kurupt, Snoop, Daz Dillinger on production – hip hop classic –

Rappers are not boxers, and none of us are interested in seeing our favorite rappers die. Just think of how much music we have been robbed of, by losing Tupac and Biggie for a moment. How many albums could they have blessed us with over the past 10-15 years?  What kinda messages would they be communicating to the people right now, if they were still with us?

So as much as we all really do love to have a good time, and forget about the troubles of the world, we still need to remain aware. We need MC’s who’ll keep us on our P’s and Q’s – that doesn’t mean these MC’s won’t have differences with one another. I can think of no better way to settle beef, than a rap battle.

That being said, even though L.A., L.A. was a response, it went ‘light’.  On The Original, they jacked the beat, which really used to be offensive. (We’ve come a long way, now it’s almost a sign of respect). But as you saw in their video, they mostly stayed In New York for that. Dogg Pound went To New York, knocked over buildings, C-walked in Times Square. Lyrically though, New York, New York really didn’t bang too hard on the east coast.

In a way Kurupt was just putting it out there, that the west coast had vocabulary too.

At that time a lot of the press covering hip hop was swirling with heavy east coast bias! In so many ways, both of these tracks helped settle that nonsense down, and bring the east vs west ‘beef’ back to where it belonged; on wax. This was all about the lyrics and hey, we all know Dogg Pound won this round in the history rap beefs!  I mean, they (CNN) brought like 5 MC’s to respond to 1? The Deadliest lyracist!  Truth be told, they really should have let Prodigy respond and this battle ‘might’ have really been a lot closer.

Let us know who you Think won this  Classic Rap Beef Below!

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