Fantasies And Madness Everywhere (F.A.M.E.)

"F.A.M.E." by Kanin

AH Video Review Rated:

Fantasies and madness everywhere in our society today. Symbolism and messages everywhere, in this dope video from Kanin. A very dope artist ‘under the radar’ from Compton, California.  Not only is this a quality track, with serious bars, I love the overall theme going on here. We do live in a time where far too many people are chasing ‘social clout’. As I’m writing this review, we’re currently going through a global pandemic.

The real weaknesses of our society are being exposed, left and right.

We truly have not built the kind of society that can withstand pandemics. Wealthy people are hiding out on resorts, while middle class families are struggling to get by. The poor, and essential workers cannot afford to miss work.  Fantasies and madness everywhere, is right on time, even though this one dropped a few months ago.

One scene in particular, features a mother telling her son he better not be watching nothing crazy on tv. As the son flips the channel real quick, the ‘song’ his mom approves of, isn’t really ‘filled with positive messages’.  Lots of ‘fuck you and your people‘ messages, as she dances saying ‘This the jam right here!’

Are we ready to truly examine our own selves? What kind of ‘message’ is that sending to her son? Apples truly do not fall far from the tree.

Yet, we often do expect our kids to do as we ‘say’, rather than as we ‘do’.  Too many of us are going about our daily lives, not truly thinking about the choices we make, the examples we set. Especially when it comes to hip hop. We love and lift up artists who’s ‘messages’ are madness. Too many videos are about nothing at all, and those continually get all the airplay and all the love. Meanwhile, we have beef with police in our hoods. Those of us, considered to be non-white, got beef with one another. (as we see Kanin face off with an Asian tough guy in the alley…)

Limited resources, forces you can’t understand
Spiritual forces that haunt us, taunt us,
Ain’t worth that advance – Kanin, F.A.M.E.

This is Madness.

… and it’s fantasy for any of us to think that’s how we build a better society – especially as black people living ‘within’ white society. Are we willing to examine our ‘clout chasing’ ways, and reject what is not working for us as a people?

Will we continue to hold onto fantasies instead?

4 Strong Powerful fists up for this one; keep these coming Kanin – check him out on Soundcloud here



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