Lil Durk, All My Life with J. Cole

"All My Life ft. J. Cole" by Lil Durk

AH Video Review Rated:

Life is about change, the only real constant. Nothing ever really stays the same. Fanbases often get upset when their favorite artist grows, or changes. Truth is, any artist who is truly an artist, should be growing and evolving.  If their 20th album sounds just like their 1st, it is hard to call that artist ‘great’. No, most of the great ones, grow up. Will that be the case for … Lil Durk?

With All My Life, the message is a positive one.

Hip hop needs more positive messages in it. Since so many outlets that cover hip hop are white owned, we need to see more balance.  So we are giving this video 3 power fists, for the message alone. The video itself also matches the positive vibes, involving children for the chorus.  It’s a ‘fun’ feeling, nothing too serious. Perhaps the visuals could have been done a bit better.

We mostly see the camera following Lil Durk around a house. Cut to a few scenes of him playing with the kids. Many of these rappers do end up as ‘role models’…. whether they want the responsibility or not.  It seems like he and J. Cole are playing the role of ‘daddy daycare’.  The crayon artwork at the beginning of this video, on the sidewalk, is also a nice touch.


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