Bill O’Reilly Attacks Black Hair (Maxine Waters)

Rep. Maxine Waters
Bill O'Reilly insults black hair while insulting Rep. Maxine Waters - He Must Go!

I woke up to news that displeases me on so many levels. The moment I read that Bill O’Reilly said Maxine Waters’ wig looks like James Browns hair I was displeased. The entire hip hop community needs to rise up and demand that this man be removed from the airwaves now. At the very least, we need even more response to the hate being spread by ‘people’ like Bill O’reilly. We have all watched what has unfolded in America over the past few years since having a black President. Tupac said we weren’t ready, several years before it happened. Turns out several years later, he was a prophet on that one.

Tupac Warned Us about This White Man's World
photo credit – Oakland, CA January 7, 1992 – Tupac Shakur. (Gary Reyes / Oakland Tribune Staff Archives)

We have a Message for Bill O’Reilly and all the white people who are coming to his defense today. It’s brought to you by Solange Knowles.

Don’t Touch My Hair!

Attacks on Black hair are historically racist, and very much a racist White American tradition. It’s one of many reasons the song released by Solange resonated with so many of us. The black experience is unique, especially when it comes to black hair. Black hair is unlike any other ethnic group on the earth. There are so many amazing things black people do with black hair. Whites notoriously make fun of black hair only to COPY black hairstyles later. It’s beyond being okay. No longer is it just a joke, because it never has been.

Bill’s comments about Maxine Waters hair were made because he cannot address what she’s talking about.

When racist white people run out of actual substance, they launch into personal attacks. In so many ways, Bill is suggesting that Maxine Waters doesn’t even have real hair!  He said, it’s a wig (while suggesting James Brown had on a wig). Bill said she should have a sitcom. He said he loves her, and it was completely full of sarcasm.

* edit 4/4/2020 :: the original video was also pulled; this is a commentary from TheYoungTurks

If we actually listen to what Maxine Waters had to say, it was so powerful that the racist white man Had to cut it down!

He had to make fun of the messenger, to keep the audience from listening to the message. In so many ways, it was exactly what Maxine Waters was speaking about in the clip! We (black people) are constantly undermined. Constantly. (And All I See is Snakes in the Eyes of These …..)

“I wasn’t listening to what she said, I was too busy looking at the James Brown wig.” – Bill O’Reilly Attacks Black Hair

His comments also expose his ignorance of black hair.

Does he not know that was James Brown’s actual hair? (Of course he doesn’t. He knows nothing, and clearly has a job only because he is white.)

When Maxine Waters stated that “We have suffered discrimination, We have suffered isolation and undermining, but we stand up for America. We (she’s talking about blacks) are often more patriotic than those who claim to be (she’s talking, about flag waving racist white people).

Even Busta Rhymes let us know he was not ‘feeling the political climate right now, for perpetuating all the hate and evil in the country’, while at this years’ grammys.

*edit 4/4/2020 – the original video is hard to find; as black speech is censored on white owned platforms like YouTube; we should’ve saved the video

Racists, like Mark Dice and others ran to youTube to rip Busta for those comments. However, what he had to say is what makes hip hop what it is. Real hip hop music addresses what NEEDS to be addressed, not just what they are paid to address. In so many ways, just as Michael Bivens spoke about how in so many ways black Music ultimately crosses over, so does hip hop at times. Every now and then the lyrics are spit over dope beats. From time to time they are sang, over melodies, like that beautiful work from Solange.

I’ve worn my hair in so many styles over the years. I’ve heard non-blacks snicker – sadly sometimes black people get caught in the wave of laughing at our own selves. That is why that song, speaks to me, and so many.

This black hair is my shit.

Black hair is not for others to comment on.

Black hair is not for others to touch, or copy without showing respect and paying homage.

“Cultural appropriation allows White celebrities to pick and choose what part of Black culture is fun and trendy. They get to adopt Black swag without experiencing racial discrimination or social inequality. At the end of the day, White Americans can unbraid their hair, wash off their spray tans, and still live a life of white privilege. Natural hair is a part of my identity, and it’s appalling that White celebrities to belittle this experience as just a trend.”

We’ve allowed Bill O’Reilly to spew hate and coded racism for far too long.

WE THE PEOPLE must come together, and silence his loud mouth.

MC’s, we need your voices now!


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