Was This Mysonne Freestyle Really a Freestyle?

mysonne freestyle on flex

I just want to be clear. I’m not here to hate. I think this is a serious contender for one of the dopest bars spit of all time. I’m just not ready to say this Mysonne Freestyle was really a freestyle. There is nothing wrong with coming with some strong written. I just dislike when, to quote this Mysonne Freestyle, ‘the lines get distorted’ … I think in so many ways that is why we keep hearing that hip hop is dead. It never died. The people who invested their money into it, the white owned companies, just didn’t invest in real hip hop.  They invested in whatever would benefit their agendas. Listen, Mysonne is definitely touching on a lot of that in this … so called freestyle.

This is dope … it’s just not a freestyle.

I mean, what freestyle do you know that ends with a hook?


It was dope though. Mysonne was truly spitting about some real shit. I also don’t think he called this a freestyle himself, but it’s an example of how the industry is covered right now. Everywhere you look, concerning this appearance people are repeating that it’s freestyle. When we do that, as the audience we start to lose an appreciation for those who can truly spit Off the top of the dome.

So that is why I wanted to be clear, a few times while I discuss this Mysonne Freestyle. It’s Fire, but it’s written fire!

I was scrolling through the gram, and saw someone share about 45 seconds of this, and I had to go hear the rest of it. I didn’t know he was gonna spit for a full 7 minutes! However, when he started off saying I hope y’all are standing up, ‘like I am’, you knew right then he wrote this. This is a song he had for the booth.  Nothing is wrong with some fire written, but this is why so many people have negative comments, for industry DJ’s who misrepresent the culture.

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