KevOnStage Exposes RapTV is White Owned

in response to KevOnstage exposing RapTV is white owned

We have been working behind the scenes, no let me not even lie to you. If you follow us on Twitter you ‘might’ have seen posts about what is ‘really going on’ with our website. It’s still in the ‘ground phase’ unfortunately. I don’t want to point fingers or blame anyone else for it cause I could have just decided to press forward.

Many of the people I know who I approached about participating, did me like we do on group vacations. The closer it gets to game time the fewer people show up for the trip. That’s really what has happened with our site, however, the dream is still alive.

The plan remains, to eventually deliver a hip hop platform, that is Owned and Operated by black people.

in response to KevOnstage exposing RapTV is white owned

I get it, hip hop is for everyone. Ok, but should the main people who control the narratives about hip hop be everyone?

Take a look at what KevOnStage had to say, about RapTV.  Apparently, this outlet was the main media source responsible for spreading a pretty bad rumor about Jamie Foxx.


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Ultimately, this is why black people should be the ones who run information based outlets that cater to black people.

And it can’t be them sellout negroes either, cause they are just tools for the white man’s voice.  It has to be authentic, black people who care about black people. Outlets that are more concerned with getting the story right, than getting clicks for ad revenue.   Our platform is needed, and I do wish it was where I wanted it to be, by now.

When KevOnStage first ‘reported’ on RapTV I did respond on Twitter.

Gave a little insight on what’s been happening around ‘here’ at authorityhop as well.

Some of what’s in the ‘thread’ refers to what I’ve shared on there before.  About how, I really realized this problem with white owned companies controlling our narrative, with The Source Magazine. You can find those thoughts in that thread: but I also shared this.

I don’t want this to sound like I am throwing anybody under the bus.  These are just the facts of what has transpired so far.  Perhaps they just did not ‘see’ what I saw. Maybe some got ‘stage fright’ – I may never know.  I do know that one had issues with how pro-black my stance is, towards who should be discussing a music form We created. So reevaluations continue, but the goal is still the goal. Even now.

In many ways, this too turns into a discussion of just who is responsible for all the negative energy around hip hop.

Is it just on the record companies, producers, radio outlets, and mostly white owned media publications that promote negative press?  Or perhaps the fault lies with the consumers themselves. in truth, we cannot expect non black fans, to not support outlets promoting negative images or stories about black people.

However, can we have that expectation of the black fanbase?  To be a more ‘conscious consumer’ … ?

Let us know what you think, below.


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