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Natural Beauty inspired by Kendrick Lamar

Check out this discussion from Red Pill and SupaNova Slom, on natural beauty. This discussion on natural beauty was sparked by Kendrick Lamar’s new video, Be Humble. He was ‘edifying’ natural beauty while saying he’s tired of photoshop beauty. To the surprise of many, this actually became a ‘conversation’ on social media. The reaction the ‘audience’ has been nothing short of interesting. In so many ways, it’s kind of like people just want to have something to argue about. Then again, do those who objected to Kendricks’ lyrics have a real point?

I thought this was a good discussion on the natural beauty topic. I appreciated Red Pill’s explanation, because too often we look at these musicians without proper context.

It’s a reminder of why Murs remixed I Still Love Her; the West Coast is a different experience. While Common was speaking from his perspective, it was just his view. He didn’t understand that hip hop, wasn’t speaking to what the west coast was going through.  The examples Red Pill gives in this conversation though, include how being on the West, his presentation wasn’t ‘soft enough’.  He used the context of, songs from Snoop and the Dogg Pound have impacted and influenced people from the West.

Meanwhile, are ‘black feminist’ keeping their arguments consistent, or where those just ‘twitter trolls’ on fake profiles? Were you upset with Kendrick for wanting more natural beauty represented? Not long ago we spoke to the fact that black hair is not to be attacked. Natural black beauty is not often appreciated in white society. Hip hop is the perfect platform to speak to the issues related to how white society treats black women. In so many ways, Kendricks Be Humble accomplishes that very thing.

A sista doesn’t have to feel like she must live up to ‘white standards of beauty’.

Again, going back to what Red Pill and SupaNova Slom speak on in this video, perhaps black women who are embracing their natural, are bothering black women who aren’t.  Sometimes that is what happens when we’re in a ‘society’ like this. There is a lot of misunderstanding, and so much information that is kept away from us, as a people. So much of our ‘culture’ has evolved from aspiring to be like whites, so that the society will accept us.

Interestingly enough, French Montana got himself in hot water for attacking a black woman on Twitter.  Apparently, he went searching for his name, and saw a tweet that wasn’t praising him. So he decided to truly insult this black woman, in a very foul way. Nappy? Poetic Justice Braids? – Sorry but, Janet Jackson’s hair was fire in Poetic Justice (a very underrated film, from John Singleton).   Yet, this is an example of white society, making ‘fun’ of black hair.

This really backfired on French Montana, and yet the timing is relevant af.

We’ll talk much more about this.  The fact that he’s not entirely black, but makes money from appropriating black culture is not a good look. French Montana, pretty much got told to Be Humble real quick. The backlash the world gave him is enough to put him in the casket with Meek Mill. There is real, ‘Career over’ level backlash, and for good reason.  What is wrong with black women’s natural hair?  Why does this black imposter feel that he’s allowed to insult black women?

Well, it’s because he is part of this same, white society that often attacks black women. The Hip hop audience needs to respond and hopefully a few MC’s will speak directly to him as well.

Circling back to this Discussion on Natural Beauty, there is also an attack on “Hoteps”, or Black Consciousness.

Most people, are going around without real knowledge of what these words mean. In so many ways Hotep is ‘confused’, just like Hip Hop often is. Not everyone represents ‘the brand’ the right way. Far too many black people fall into patterns of making ‘fun’ of consciousness.  That isn’t all that new though, as this aspect has been under attack for years now.  It’s one of the reasons that Migos is more popular than KRS One.  Leave your comments on this discussion below. There is plenty to discuss!

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