For Heavens Sake (Flashback Friday) Review

Artist: Wu Tang Clan
Track Name: For Heaven's Sake (fea. Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa & Cappadonna)
AH Track Rating:

For Heaven’s Sake with 5 flames from us – everything perfect, from RZA’s production, to the lyrical assassination brought by some of Wu’s finest. Inspectah Deck, always capable, runs the initial leg. Then, to ‘strike the vital nerve’, Masta Killa explains what it means to be a lyricist. The real thoughtfulness that is often missing from what white corporate record outlets push on the masses. Closing out For Heaven’s Sake, one of the most thoughtful members of Wu Tang Clan, Cappadonna.

Masta Killa always comes correct though – especially on For Heavens Sake!

The Wu-Tang Dynasty, has emerged
From this elite fleet I was appointed to strike the vital nerve
Mouths tend to utter and speak empty words
Observe the magnetic attraction as we breathe
Seeds of MC’s that these fake ass industry niggas
Feed off, the chrome might tend to squeeze off
And spray, an array of shots
That travel downwind, just respect my prolific pen
As I ascend, the minds of the weak
To rise and take power Eiffel tower-ing over the land

.. the manner in which these 3 M.C.’s attacked the beat will even have you thinking to yourself .. For Heavens Sake! Truly some of the finest work. A shame there is no ‘video’ for this classic, from an album that had so many classics.  (Like this throwback thursday review: The City, featuring Inspectah Deck, Wu Tang)


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