Forever My Fiance, She Lives On Forever

Artist: Andre 3000
Track Name: She Lives In My Lap
AH Track Rating:

Forever my Fiance, is an accurate way to sum up the relationship so many are in today.

In spite of what several people may think of Andre 3000’s departure from rap on The Love Below album, this one is a classic cut. File this in the tales from the hood category, as 3000 ‘sings’ about a real life situation.  It’s even more ‘real life shit’ when we consider just how many rappers, are literally supporting women that work in strip clubs.

She stays alone, never sheds a single tear
She stays in coolest moods, clearly woman of the year
She and all her girlfriends, they go out dressed to win
She comes back to the cooler side of town(ah)
But she lives in my lap

This song ain’t about shaming strippers.  We’re not about to shame them either!

Released back in 2003, it could very well be responsible for more rappers acknowledging their ‘love for strippers’ too.

Make me want you, make me miss you
Make me wonder where you are, then forget you
Girl remind me, just who we are
We’re oh so close, but yet so far

I mean, if she’s any good at her job you’ll feel all of what Andre 3000 says, to be so close but, so far. This relationship between a stripper and those who love her, explored over a funky ass drum beat and guitar rifts throughout. From a ‘single track’ perspective, this is absolutely one of the best songs ever produced and put together. It’s just missing a verse!

Forever my Fiance, I’ll get the courage some day.”

Forever My Fiance, She Lives In My Lap

Since he failed to give us a verse, which could have went SO perfect with the Scarface Samples from Geto Boys classic “Mind Playing Tricks” …. and Volume 10’s “Pistol Grip Pump”; all we really needed was a VERSE and this would’ve been easily 5 Cash Stacks from us!

Instead … 3 cash stacks rained on stage … swept up by her ‘and all her girlfriends’ …  play baby play. Make that money …


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