Every Day a Little More Pressure: Real Life Shit

Artist: Buddy
Track Name: Real Life Shit
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I really like the content Buddy is putting out, especially this real ass track here, real life shit. Let me know if you agree, but I get a Stevie Wonder ‘vibe’ at the start, the intro, lalalala, lalala…. , as a calm, before the storm. Easing into the track, Buddy starts out where we all do, as a little kid trying to get big. He quickly takes us to where he’s at, as we pick up on his story… putting out Music, ‘getting known’, you know …how ‘we’ know him. But, really, he’s just another person, like all of us are…. People forget that when it comes to ‘fame’ …

From the album Harlan & Alondra, Buddy is describing the, everyday pressure life shit black people in the hood experience.

You ever been through some ‘real life shit’ ?

What about, ‘while’ growing up in a ‘Mad City’ …?  Falling into our ‘tales from the hood‘ series, this real track is catching flames … 4 big ones … for the simplicity and relatable nature of this entire track.

At the end of the day these entertainers, and artists, are just regular people. They go through real life shit, just like we do. Folks lose track of that, often even the ones close to them. Easy to relate to this, even if you’re not an artist, or musician. Many of us who succeed in life, or are working towards major goals are ‘also’ dealing with … life, and all it brings. Turn this one up… if you haven’t already.

… verse 2, Real Life Shit

Man, I want some more
I got to make money every day
We can’t even relate, uh-uh, no way
These hoes up in my face, get out my face
Hennessy with no chase, manager on my case
On my heart and my soul, dawg, we gotta get paid
Gotta get out my crib, I’m tryna cop me a new one
Tryna cop my mom a crib, my daddy one too
More money to the court, I been livin’ in debt
I got my homies and my sisters and they all need my help
I’m tryna make up my mind, I gotta make a decision
I’m just a regular nigga on an irregular mission
Tryna tell ’em like – Buddy

Also check Buddy out, with Nipsey Hussle the Great, with more tales on these every day pressures, of life.

Real life shit, going beyond just music for Buddy, but perhaps it’s your career, is never going to stop. That includes the pressures from people around us, who want more of us than we have to give. Real Life shit, in Buddy’s creative way, goes into all the avenues that so many of us go through, trying to cope with it all, and move forward.

Let us know if you agree with these 4 lit flames below! 


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