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It’s Official! has arrived.

Featuring Real Hip Hop Artists and Musicians, we will present to you, The Real!

Unfiltered, with No Agendas, Other than to resurrect what too many people feel is dead. Hip Hop.

We Are The Authority.

We are here to assist, and to appreciate hip hop for what it truly is – A part of the much larger art form that is Music Itself.  While Music often is cheapened by artists exploiting it for monetary gains, there are still those who cherish the beauty, of creating songs that impact the lives of others.

This website will include perspectives from people who are part of what’s happening but often ignored by the ‘mainstream’.  Real hip hop artists, producers, engineers, and actual musicians, singers, and song writers will all be here sharing their insights, record and rapper reviews, as well as offering lessons on how you can truly step into this arena, and move the crowd.

Thank you for stopping by, tell a friend.

Get ready for what we are about to bring to you soon!


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