It was Written But Never Told (Reaganomics) Elzhi, Ras, M, Large

Artist: Elzhi, Ras Kass, M Dot, Large Professor
Track Name: Reaganomics
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Reaganomics was the name for ‘trickle down economics’, introduced by then, President Ronald Reagan. It was more of the same, but was a way to make it seem brand new. Just another way to ensure the rich stayed rich, while the poor remained poor. He said, the money and wealth that the rich possessed would trickle down to the poor. During the 1980’s the black community saw a huge regression following the massive progress of the 60’s and 70’s. Many will tell you, that this was the plan.

It was written but never told. – Great sampling of Nas for the hook …

Leading off this relay is Elzhi, a Detroit rapper, former member of Slum Village, who really does not get the kind of press that a lot of his peers have. Sunny D. Cypher considers him to be one of the dopest MC’s in the game today. This track also features one of my favorite MC’s of all time, hailing from the City of Carson, California, Ras Kass. From the east coast, comes a M.C. I’m honestly not too familiar with, holding his own on this track, Boston rapper M. Dot. We also got to hear from a real Veteran of the game, Large Professor!

What these MC’s all have in common, is they were either born in the 80’s, or grew up during the time of Reaganomics.

Ronnie was a Cowboy, California Resident
Governor fucked us over, Hollywood Actor turned President
To Republicans he was Heaven Sent; War on Drugs;
Immigrants, Blacks, He just legalized the War on Us;

– Ras Kass

Killer Mike who also grew up during that time, dropped a song some time ago called I’m Glad Reagan is Dead.  Between Ronny and his predecessor George H. Bush, the drugs coming into this nation rapidly increased.  So to, did gang violence here in Los Angeles. If you’re willing to do the research you’ll find that the bloods and crips were originally, more like political parties.  Inspired by the Black Panther Party, these organizations formed to protect their neighborhoods from white gangs.

But, as white society does, they found another way to destroy the black community.

No Coincidence, the CIA did the shit,
Started private prisons getting rich ain’t that a lot of bitch?
Devour you, that’s what Power do,
County Jail, Bob Barker Name on the Shower shoes,
The price is right , but if you ain’t white
The price is your life, Reaganomics,
Trickle Down, Brutal Economics,
Pay less but raise taxes,
and they wonder why we slang crack, shit….

– Ras Kass

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image credit: Crack, The CIA and Black America’s Drug Crisis –

Elzhi also came with a few ‘clever bars’ to describe the situation back then.  Mentioning how the kids were distracted, as they ‘marvel at DC propaganda’. The villains of this world, truly do operate on comic book levels. To the degree, its almost comical that we still are talking about drugs coming from other nations, as if our nation isn’t the culprit. DC still playing tricks….

M. Dot connects, ‘the dots’ between Reaganomics back then, and what Trump is doing in office now.  Still pulling the strings in an unending war, on the poor.

Large Professor, runs that anchor leg on this track, taking us back to the 80’s – when I was a kid. Growing up on hip hop, Large really got going during ‘the golden era’, of the 90’s. That’s when I was listening to some of his first entries into the hip hop game, Lookin At the Front door with his group Main Source. Large is responsible for giving the world Nas – a rapper who’s hook fits perfectly on this beat, along with a line from Biggie Smalls. So much of the ‘street’ shit, and tales from the hood are tied into Reaganomics. It created the conditions that still linger to this day.

Great collection of MC’s on this track, Reaganomics.  4 FISTS for the conscious subject matter, on a track produced by B. Leafs.

Understand the game from all levels in this society.

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