Giant Steps From Real MC’s: Blu & Nottz with Bishop Lamont, Torae & Skyzoo

Artist: Blu & Nottz
Track Name: Giant Steps
AH Track Rating:

This is that real MC shit. Giant Steps from Blu & Nottz’ incredible album, “God’s in the Spirit, Titans In the Flesh” gets 5 lit Flames. Lyrically this is what hip hip is slowly starting to gravitate back to. That’s what’s great about rap beef, as it truly exposes who ‘belongs’ on top of this and who is just tagging along. Since too much of what we see in hip hop is commercial, it’s always refreshing to dip into some real shit.

That being said, a big reason for why real MC’s don’t usually get their due, was explained by David Banner not too long ago.

Most people don’t like ‘conscious’ hip hop because they don’t understand it.  Regardless of how many of us are feeling about Kanye West, the person, right now, that is a big part of his “Radio Fuck You” message. Too much of what is played on the radio is dumbed down and simplified. It’s what, anyone can understand, regardless of your ‘level of education’. The problem with this, is that the main audience hip hop was created for, is now, not challenged to stretch themselves.

This, in turns keeps them, as an audience from fully appreciating MC’s who provide that additional education to them. Giving us, something to look up, to learn, to vibe and build with one another on.  Staying ‘on topic’, this is a song from an album about ‘Gods in Spirit, and Titans in the Flesh’….

So when Bishop Lamont is ‘literally’ talking about Nephilim in this verse, and taking actual Giant Steps, it shows a real appreciation for this artform.

Also, if you as a listener knows nothing about the Nephilim, it might cause you to find a dictionary, a wikipedia, and possibly even a bible. The very existence of verses about these ‘giants’ has always caused questions about what ‘we are told’ through most Religions. It gives credence to stories of the “gods and Titans” that were worshiped in Greece and Rome. Going back furthermore, to Egypt, it makes you wonder if those Giant Statues have more meaning, than we are told.

Hip Hop is about communication, education and not ‘just’ something to Shake your ass to.

DJ Revolution delivers a head bobber though, and I mean you ‘could’ get up and groove to it if you want to. Giant Steps is one of several tracks off an album that came out a few years back, but remains relevant today.  The Old heads are prevailing, and younger heads are starting to ‘get back to the bars’. Lyrics will always have a place in hip hop, along with dope beats.  The mumble rap, will fade away …

Giant’s step’s my stride nigga, always remain ginormous
Can hop, skip and see all sides of the world’s four corners
Make a gargantuan goliath like them Nephilims, Sky league
We titans Annunaki Modern Olympians
Looming over your city like the Jackson 5, but bigger, no glitter
Pour pounds of pain, rivers of acid rain on you niggas
Can you feel it? – Bishop Lamont

(Jackson 5 Video Below)

This is the kind of ‘information’ through music that reminds us of our greatness. 

We should picture ourselves as powerful, and not powerless. Music like this is inspirational, and uplifting. The radio isn’t going to shine it’s light on it, but we will. We don’t live in a society that encourages the youth to stretch their minds anymore. We have a very ‘Me Too’ culture, and hip hop, is mostly hip pop. Meanwhile, real MC’s continue to put out content, if we are willing to find it. Giant Steps, is ginormous. Let us know if you agree withour rating of 5 lit flames for this single.  Full album Review for God’s in Spirit, Titans In The Flesh is forthcoming.

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