Ghost Town Review: Kanye, Cudi & who Is 070 Shake

Artist: Kanye West
Track Name: Ghost Town
AH Track Rating:

Lyrically this isn’t one of those songs that is about ‘bars’. This is mostly just a song, from Kanye West, with John Legend and Kid Cudi featured. Closing it out, is a relatively unknown artist named 070 Shake, who sings some pretty, haunting lyrics. Clearly a song for people who it’s for. Like other songs of the album “Ye”, Kanye seems to be dealing directly with thoughts of depression.

About a year ago, Kid Cudi publicly let his fans know that he is living with depression. This is a serious matter, nothing to joke about at all. Kanye was one of the people who reached out to him. Even spoke about it, in that “Radio Fuck You” conversation that Kanye had, before his ‘breakdown’.  So, hearing everything in this song, Ghost Town confirms, that they’re going to tackle this topic together. So, it’s a decent song. Hopefully it helps people, although some reviews from other fans of Ghost Town say they’re even more depressed after listening.

What do you think of our review for Ghost Town?

Sound off below, in the comments. What do you think of this song and how they’re approaching the conversation of mental health? (also check out Amnesia for an example of discussing this with bars present)

As for 070 Shake, she is a artist recently signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D music. (Or should I say, Pusha T’s?)  Naturally, Ye is dropping albums for all of the artists, signed to the label he founded. 2 FIRES lit for this one; a Lot of singing on the track … hardly any bars at all…  it’s good music; certainly not trash though.

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